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Staff Directory

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Contact Name Title
Contact Deborah Carter Carter, Deborah Principal
Contact Lisa Marks Marks, Lisa Assistant Principal
Contact Gene Alber Alber, Gene Project ED Instructor
Contact David Bailey Bailey, David Teacher - Math
Contact Bryan Blaschke Blaschke, Bryan Teacher - Science
Contact Betheny Bortz Bortz, Betheny Teacher - Reading
Contact Tina Bowers Bowers, Tina Manager
Contact Joseph Brenda Brenda, Joseph Head Custodian
Contact Margaret Caviston Caviston, Margaret Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Leticia Christner Christner, Leticia Teacher - Reading
Contact Cathi Church Church, Cathi Teacher
Contact Kristine Corrado Corrado, Kristine Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Elizabeth Cravens Cravens, Elizabeth Teacher - Music
Contact Bonnie Dewolf Dewolf, Bonnie Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Karlee Dodson Dodson, Karlee Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Kristian Dodson Dodson, Kristian Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Lindsay Fisher Fisher, Lindsay Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Stacey Glanz Glanz, Stacey Teacher - Science
Contact Aaron Gogel Gogel, Aaron Teacher - Math
Contact Corinne Hardesty Hardesty, Corinne Teacher - Science
Contact Timothy Howell Howell, Timothy Teacher - Industrial Technology
Contact Renee Howes Howes, Renee Teacher - Reading
Contact Sandra Huber Huber, Sandra Teacher
Contact Tonya James James, Tonya Administrative Assistant
Contact Kevin Jones Jones, Kevin Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Matthew Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick, Matthew Teacher - Math
Contact Christine Kulasa Kulasa, Christine Teacher - Math
Contact Laura Kwasny Kwasny, Laura Teacher - Reading
Contact Susan Lenig Lenig, Susan
Contact Sherry Lichtenberger Lichtenberger, Sherry Administrative Assistant
Contact Tammy Lipscomb Lipscomb, Tammy Teacher - Reading
Contact Phillip Long Long, Phillip Teacher - Science
Contact Lori Loucks Loucks, Lori Teacher - Science
Contact Jennifer Massengill Massengill, Jennifer Teacher - Math
Contact Ashley Miller Miller, Ashley Teacher - Science
Contact Donna Nowak Nowak, Donna Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact David Ortiz Ortiz, David Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Jamie Ortiz Ortiz, Jamie Teacher - Art
Contact Michael Otwinowski Otwinowski, Michael Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Brett Parks Parks, Brett Teacher - English
Contact Sarah Pessmeg Pessmeg, Sarah
Contact Melissa Pfeifer Pfeifer, Melissa Teacher - English
Contact Amie Puckett Puckett, Amie Teacher - Math
Contact Patricia Rosenbaum Rosenbaum, Patricia Teacher
Contact Julie Ross Ross, Julie Teacher - Reading
Contact Kelly Scott Scott, Kelly Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Rosemarie Sgambelluri Sgambelluri, Rosemarie Librarian
Contact Debra Singleton Singleton, Debra Administrative Assistant
Contact Charles Stevenson Stevenson, Charles Teacher - Business
Contact Megan Sullivan Sullivan, Megan Teacher - Music
Contact Terri Swanson Swanson, Terri Administrative Assistant
Contact Megan Tockert Tockert, Megan Teacher - English
Contact Jamie Vincent Vincent, Jamie Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Melissa Watterson Watterson, Melissa Teacher
Contact Natalie Watterson Watterson, Natalie Teacher - Reading
Contact Holly Welsh Welsh, Holly Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Belinda Witherow Witherow, Belinda Teacher