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Staff Directory

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Contact Name Title
Contact Donna Biggs Biggs, Donna Principal
Contact Holly Atkinson Atkinson, Holly Teacher
Contact Martin Briggs Briggs, Martin Teacher
Contact Jennifer Bye Bye, Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Contact Jennifer Capusan Capusan, Jennifer Teacher
Contact Heather Cosby Cosby, Heather Teacher
Contact Janet Deutscher Deutscher, Janet Teacher
Contact Erin Dorr Dorr, Erin Teacher
Contact Celia Downs Downs, Celia Teacher
Contact Tina Friedrich Friedrich, Tina Teacher
Contact Tracy Hand Hand, Tracy Teacher
Contact Megan Haverstock Haverstock, Megan Teacher
Contact Constance Kaminski Kaminski, Constance Teacher
Contact Allison Kelly Kelly, Allison Teacher
Contact Miranda Kitchell Kitchell, Miranda Teacher
Contact Stephanie Klingenmeier Klingenmeier, Stephanie Teacher
Contact Alesia Lasky Lasky, Alesia Teacher
Contact Alicia Ludwig Ludwig, Alicia Teacher
Contact Heather Miskowicz Miskowicz, Heather Teacher
Contact Melissa Morse Morse, Melissa Behavior Consultant
Contact Sharon Nash Nash, Sharon Teacher
Contact Sharita Oneal Oneal, Sharita Teacher
Contact Kimberly Snyder Snyder, Kimberly Preschool Facilitator
Contact Matthew Stahl Stahl, Matthew Head Custodian
Contact Kathryn Talbert Talbert, Kathryn Teacher
Contact Alice Tallackson Tallackson, Alice Teacher
Contact Roxy Taylor-Pavey Taylor-Pavey, Roxy Administrative Assistant
Contact Kristen Ulrich Ulrich, Kristen Teacher
Contact Lisa West West, Lisa Teacher
Contact Jennifer Wilson Wilson, Jennifer
Contact Allison Younggreen Younggreen, Allison Teacher