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Staff Directory

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Contact Name Title
Contact Kimberly Rehlander Rehlander, Kimberly Principal
Contact Taylor Baima Baima, Taylor Teacher
Contact Alexandrea Biernacki Biernacki, Alexandrea Preschool Facilitator
Contact Diane Binkley Binkley, Diane Teacher
Contact Shannon Cigan Cigan, Shannon Literacy Coach
Contact Erica Easton Easton, Erica Teacher
Contact Jill Fox Fox, Jill
Contact Kim Goethals Goethals, Kim Teacher
Contact Peggy Irvin Irvin, Peggy Administrative Assistant
Contact Nicole Kaufman Kaufman, Nicole Teacher
Contact Austyn Kelso Kelso, Austyn Teacher
Contact Margaret Kopec Kopec, Margaret Teacher
Contact Abbie Kramer Kramer, Abbie Teacher
Contact Helen Kremke Kremke, Helen Teacher
Contact Nicolette Ludwig Ludwig, Nicolette Teacher
Contact Tia Mccarty Mccarty, Tia Teacher
Contact Natalie Mcmahan Mcmahan, Natalie Teacher
Contact Courtney Powley Powley, Courtney Teacher
Contact Courtney Proffitt Proffitt, Courtney Teacher
Contact Anita Sightes Sightes, Anita Teacher
Contact Claudia Stuber Stuber, Claudia Speech/Lang Pathologist
Contact Julie Szymonik Szymonik, Julie Teacher
Contact Karen Waltz Waltz, Karen Teacher
Contact Sarah Worthington Worthington, Sarah Teacher