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Contact Name Title
Contact George Wilmsen Wilmsen, George Principal
Contact Donald Fridenmaker Fridenmaker, Donald Assistant Principal
Contact Jerry Adrian Adrian, Jerry Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Gary Alexander Alexander, Gary Teacher - Science
Contact Cynthia Ault Ault, Cynthia Teacher - Math
Contact Laura Basich Basich, Laura Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Reigan Blair Blair, Reigan Teacher - Math
Contact Diane Brown Brown, Diane Administrative Assistant
Contact Heather Chezem Chezem, Heather Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Kyle Chezem Chezem, Kyle Teacher - Social Studies
Contact John Dearing Dearing, John Teacher - Science
Contact Bonnie Dewolf Dewolf, Bonnie Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Autumn Dexter Dexter, Autumn
Contact Karlee Dodson Dodson, Karlee Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Kristian Dodson Dodson, Kristian Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Kerrilynn Drake Drake, Kerrilynn Teacher
Contact Whitney England England, Whitney Teacher - Reading
Contact Erin Erwin Erwin, Erin Teacher - Reading
Contact Koreen Garrett Garrett, Koreen Administrative Assistant
Contact Lauren Gladstone Gladstone, Lauren Teacher - Art
Contact Eric Griffin Griffin, Eric Teacher - Science
Contact Tobi Guthrie Guthrie, Tobi Teacher - Reading
Contact Amy Hancock Hancock, Amy Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Diana Hart Hart, Diana Administrative Assistant
Contact William Hart Hart, William Teacher - Science
Contact Marjorie Hawkins Hawkins, Marjorie Teacher - Math
Contact Amanda Hindsley Hindsley, Amanda Teacher - Reading
Contact Richard Hise Hise, Richard Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Gregory Hrunek Hrunek, Gregory Teacher - Science
Contact Linda Kendall Kendall, Linda Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Richard Kievert Kievert, Richard Head Custodian
Contact Dustin Kling Kling, Dustin Project ED Instructor
Contact Daniel Klipper Klipper, Daniel Teacher - Music
Contact Alaina Koch Koch, Alaina
Contact Ashley Kubik Kubik, Ashley Administrative Assistant
Contact Kelsey Leonhardt Leonhardt, Kelsey Instructional Assistant
Contact Nicole Metyko Metyko, Nicole Teacher - Math
Contact Andrea Meyer Meyer, Andrea Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Carrie Miller Miller, Carrie Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Scott Myers Myers, Scott Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Karen Nelson Nelson, Karen Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Charity Oliver Oliver, Charity Teacher - Art
Contact Michael Otwinowski Otwinowski, Michael Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Patricia Pieszchala Pieszchala, Patricia Teacher - Health
Contact Carolyn Redlarczyk Redlarczyk, Carolyn
Contact Katelin Rosenbaum Rosenbaum, Katelin Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Gregory Samuelson Samuelson, Gregory Teacher - Science
Contact Rebecca Samuelson Samuelson, Rebecca Teacher - Math
Contact Carol Scheck Scheck, Carol Teacher - Music
Contact Robert Schellinger Jr Schellinger Jr, Robert Teacher - Business
Contact Kelly Scott Scott, Kelly Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Aileen Serafin Serafin, Aileen Teacher - Math
Contact Ryan Sosinski Sosinski, Ryan Teacher - Industrial Technology
Contact Gabrielle Stantz Stantz, Gabrielle Literacy Coach
Contact Lorraine Tighe Tighe, Lorraine Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Kelly Troy Troy, Kelly Teacher - Language Arts/Reading
Contact Kurt Ulrich Ulrich, Kurt Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Rachel Ward Ward, Rachel Teacher - Reading
Contact Amy Wegiel Wegiel, Amy Administrative Assistant
Contact Holly Welsh Welsh, Holly Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Claudia Williams Williams, Claudia Librarian
Contact Brenda Yuste-Gonzalez Yuste-Gonzalez, Brenda Teacher - Social Studies