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Contact Name Title
Contact Christopher Alber Alber, Christopher Principal
Contact Candace Schafer Schafer, Candace Assistant Principal
Contact Kristopher Staats Staats, Kristopher Assistant Principal
Contact Holly Wireman Wireman, Holly Assistant Principal
Contact Larry Upp Upp, Larry Associate Principal
Contact Edward Gilliland Gilliland, Edward Athletic Director
Contact Gregory Alberding Alberding, Gregory Teacher - Science
Contact Michelle Arndt Arndt, Michelle Administrative Assistant
Contact Linda Arney Arney, Linda Teacher - English
Contact Shea Barden Barden, Shea Administrative Assistant
Contact Sarah Bates Bates, Sarah Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Lindsey Baugh Baugh, Lindsey Teacher - English
Contact Timothy Beres Beres, Timothy Teacher - Math
Contact Diane Brown Brown, Diane Teacher - ENL
Contact Jason Brown Brown, Jason Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Melissa Butts Butts, Melissa Teacher - Math
Contact Kathleen Callahan Callahan, Kathleen Teacher - Math
Contact Donna Campos Campos, Donna Administrative Assistant
Contact Joseph Clark Clark, Joseph Teacher - Music
Contact Thomas Coe Coe, Thomas Teacher - Music
Contact Peter Collins Collins, Peter Teacher - Music
Contact Mary beth Conklin Conklin, Mary beth Administrative Assistant
Contact Denise Cook Cook, Denise Teacher
Contact Brenda Cooper Cooper, Brenda Teacher - English
Contact Rachel Cooper Cooper, Rachel Nurse Dept Chair
Contact Shandra Crum Crum, Shandra Teacher
Contact Jestine Davenport Davenport, Jestine Teacher - Agriculture
Contact Rachel Dawson Dawson, Rachel Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Desiree Defauw Defauw, Desiree Teacher - Foreign Language
Contact Jeffery Demass Demass, Jeffery Teacher - Social Studies
Contact John Eason Eason, John Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Miles Fettinger Fettinger, Miles Librarian
Contact Amber Fisher Fisher, Amber Teacher
Contact Johnna Fuentes-Krause Fuentes-Krause, Johnna Teacher - Foreign Language
Contact William Gangwer Gangwer, William Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Sarah Gartshore Gartshore, Sarah Teacher
Contact Libbie Gilliland Gilliland, Libbie Teacher - Math
Contact Lindsey Gonzales Gonzales, Lindsey Teacher - Science
Contact Esmeralda Guzman-Calderon Guzman-Calderon, Esmeralda Teacher - Foreign Language
Contact Ann Hamilton Hamilton, Ann Teacher - Math
Contact Jannie Ivankovig Ivankovig, Jannie Administrative Assistant
Contact Robert James James, Robert Teacher - Math
Contact Daniel Jeffers Jeffers, Daniel Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Jenna Johnson Johnson, Jenna Teacher - English
Contact Brandon Jones Jones, Brandon Teacher - Foreign Language
Contact Mary Korell Korell, Mary Teacher - Foreign Language
Contact Thomas Korell Korell, Thomas Teacher - Math
Contact Gail Kuta Kuta, Gail Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Louis Kuzdas Kuzdas, Louis Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Angela Larocco Larocco, Angela Teacher - Business
Contact Carol Larose Larose, Carol Teacher - English
Contact Marybeth Lebo Lebo, Marybeth Teacher - Art
Contact Jamie Lilly Lilly, Jamie Teacher - Math
Contact Paul Lindeman Lindeman, Paul Teacher - Science
Contact Angela Lowry Lowry, Angela Teacher - English
Contact Jeffrey Mandeville Mandeville, Jeffrey Teacher - English
Contact Lisa Martin Martin, Lisa Teacher
Contact Ellen Mcgrew-Bos Mcgrew-Bos, Ellen Teacher
Contact Michele Mclennan Mclennan, Michele Administrative Assistant
Contact Kaitlyn Mendez Mendez, Kaitlyn Teacher - Art
Contact Andrew Merritt Merritt, Andrew Attendance Officer
Contact Tyrus Merry Merry, Tyrus Comm Intern Teacher
Contact Mark Messacar Messacar, Mark Teacher - Science
Contact Andrea Meyer Meyer, Andrea Teacher - English
Contact Roberta Moehl Moehl, Roberta Administrative Assistant
Contact Hannah Mosson Mosson, Hannah Counselor
Contact Jennifer Mount Mount, Jennifer Teacher - Math
Contact Joseph Mrozinske Mrozinske, Joseph Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Amanda Muller Muller, Amanda Teacher - Business
Contact Jessica Niksch Niksch, Jessica Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Donna Nowak Nowak, Donna Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Daniel Olson Olson, Daniel Teacher - Math
Contact Diane Ott Ott, Diane Spec. Ed. Lead Facilitator/Teacher
Contact Monica Owens Owens, Monica Teacher - Science
Contact Erin Parker Parker, Erin Teacher - English
Contact Mary-pat Parrigan Parrigan, Mary-pat Teacher
Contact Christian Porter Porter, Christian Teacher - Industrial Technology
Contact Lindsey Pritchard Pritchard, Lindsey Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Kathryn Ramer Ramer, Kathryn Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Jason Remmel Remmel, Jason Teacher - Science
Contact Roberta Rice Rice, Roberta Administrative Assistant
Contact Starr Rice Rice, Starr Teacher - Science
Contact Christine Rosenbaum Rosenbaum, Christine
Contact Jeremy Ruff Ruff, Jeremy Teacher - Industrial Technology
Contact Joseph Ruiz Ruiz, Joseph Teacher - Business
Contact Melanie Salyer Salyer, Melanie Teacher - Math
Contact William Santana Santana, William Assistant Athletic Director
Contact Jennifer Scanlin Scanlin, Jennifer Teacher - English
Contact Eric Schreiber Schreiber, Eric Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Roger Schwager Schwager, Roger Teacher
Contact Kelly Scott Scott, Kelly Teacher - Social Studies
Contact John Sherrick Sherrick, John Teacher - Science
Contact Julia Sinclair Sinclair, Julia Slicer Champion Mentoring Program Specialist
Contact Lauren Singleton Singleton, Lauren Teacher - Business
Contact Corbin Slater Slater, Corbin Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Christopher Smith Smith, Christopher Teacher - Business
Contact Richard Snyder Snyder, Richard Director of Performing Arts Center
Contact Emma Stroemple Stroemple, Emma Teacher
Contact Matthew Sullivan Sullivan, Matthew
Contact Sheryl Suppinger Suppinger, Sheryl Counselor
Contact Christine Taylor Taylor, Christine Librarian
Contact Melinda Thalmann Thalmann, Melinda Teacher
Contact Christopher Thomas Thomas, Christopher Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Karen Thuman Thuman, Karen Teacher - Math
Contact Michael Tuholski Tuholski, Michael Teacher - Science
Contact Rebecca Tuholski Tuholski, Rebecca Teacher - Agriculture
Contact Jason Turner Turner, Jason Teacher - Art
Contact Kevin Upp Upp, Kevin Teacher - Industrial Technology
Contact Marcia Vaughn Vaughn, Marcia Administrative Assistant
Contact Nicole Wilczynski Wilczynski, Nicole Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Jennifer Wilson Wilson, Jennifer Counselor
Contact James Wszolek Wszolek, James English Department Head
Contact James Wurster Wurster, James Head Custodian
Contact Maria Yovino Yovino, Maria Teacher