Support Services Center
Food Services
205 Rumely Street LaPorte, IN 46350
Phone: 219-362-8823

Director: Chef Britney McCray
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School Corporation Meal Prices

Elementary Schools Lunch Breakfast Milk
Standard $1.85 $0.00 $0.50
Reduced  $0.00 $0.00 $0.50
Adult $2.50 $2.10 $0.50
Middle Schools Lunch Breakfast Milk
Standard $2.05 $1.25 $0.50
Reduced  $0.00 $0.00 $0.50
Adult $2.85 $2.10 $0.50
High School Lunch Breakfast Milk
Standard $2.05 $1.25 $0.50
Reduced  $0.00 $0.00 $0.50
Adult $2.85 $2.10 $0.50



Elementary Students are allowed to charge a maximum of 3 meals.  Parents will receive a note sent home with the student when they have a low balance. School staff will contact parent/guardian by phone if the student needs to charge a meal along with sending home negative balance letters.  These will be given to teachers to send home with students. Accounts remaining negative will be sent to the building principal and LPCSC Food Service Department office to contact parent.  After 3 meal charges, students arriving at school without payment or meal from home may be served an alternate meal.  Prior to serving an alternative meal we will inform the building principal in addition to placing a call or email to the parent/guardian.  If no response is received from the parent/guardian after a student is given 3 days of meal substitutions the principal or other school official may be requested to conduct a home visit.

Middle and High School Students are not allowed to charge meals. Occasionally, a student may be permitted to charge one meal by requesting permission directly from the cafeteria manager prior to proceeding through the cafeteria line. If a student already has a negative balance, no additional charges will be allowed. No ala carte may be charged.

All deposits will be recorded into the student’s account with any negative balance being cleared first. All unpaid charges at the end of the school year will remain on the student’s account the next year.


You may take advantage of the option to prepay for your student’s meals online at with simple, secure and convenient access 24 hours a day.  By setting up a new account you can also set up low balance warnings or automatic payments and 24 hour access to check student account balances.

You may also pay by check or cash to the café’ manager or cashier any morning at all schools.


Checks returned to the LaPorte Community School Food Service Department for non-sufficient funds from the bank must be covered within 10 days of date it was presented. Cash for the check should be brought to the Food Service Department at 205 Rumely Street, LaPorte, IN.

The Food Service Department will not honor parent checks for the remainder of the current school year if a check is returned for non-sufficient funds.

Any non-sufficient check not paid in 90 days will be turned over to the LaPorte Community School’s Attorney for collection.


A meal application must be submitted each year for every child in the family.  Applications are available online throughout the year by clicking on Free or Reduced Meals in the menu above. Any meals charged while waiting for the application to be processed are the parent responsibility to pay. Questions regarding free and reduced priced meals should be directed to the food service office at 362-8823.


Positive balances remaining on a student meal account will automatically follow the student regardless of the LPCSC school they attend the next school year. No cash refunds are available at any of the school cafeterias. Due to the high cost to process and mail checks, refunds are not available for balances on student meal accounts that are less than $3.00 so students are encouraged to spend down their accounts to a zero balance. A refund for amounts $3.00 and over may be made up to one year after a student leaves or graduates by filling out the Student Meal Account Refund and Transfer Form, available by clicking here or at your school cafeteria. Transfers of remaining balances of any amount may be made to other student accounts or to our "Random Act of Kindness Fund" up to one year after a student leaves or graduates. Positive balances remaining on a student meal account after one year will automatically be transferred to our "Random Act of Kindness Fund".  Parents can donate any remaining lunch account balances to the “Random Act of Kindness Fund” by completing the Refund and Transfer Form and sending to Food Service Office.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider