La Porte Education Foundation Grant Winners

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The following teachers were awarded grants from the LPCSC Education Development Foundation. These grants are offered on a yearly basis.

The winners announced May 2014 are:

  • Aaron Gogel – Boston Middle School: IN YOUR SHADOW - Indirect Measurement Outside! $193.95
  • Debra Applegarth – Kingsbury: “Read"y to Write. $200.00
  • Ronda Shelton – Riley: Tools to Support Enthusiastic Readers and Writers. $200.00
  • Becky Sheeler and Lisa Schreiber – Kingsford Heights: Teaching Writing with Six Traits Picture Books. $200.00
  • Melissa Santana and Karen Menke – Indian Trail and Kingsbury: Reading Through The Ages. $242.75
  • Katie Talbert – Crichfield: "Read to Succeed". $250.00
  • Bethany Smith – Boston Middle School: Interactive Digital Learning. $299.95
  • Lori Loucks – Boston Middle School: Owl Pellet Lab. $338.50
  • Susan Sandberg – Hailmann: It's All About M.E. (Mechanical Engineering). $400.00
  • Rebecca Schnitzer – La Porte High School: Habia una Vez, Reading Comprehension and Fluency in the Foreign Language. $400.00
  • Jessica Strychalski – Kingsford Heights: Sensory Garden & Compost. $415.15
  • Leigh Long – La Porte High School: K'Nex DNA Replication and RNA Transcription. $453.22

The winners announced May 2013 are:

  • Susan Sandberg – Hailmann Elementary School: Hailmann University. $437.00 award
  • Barb Hooper – Kesling Middle School: A Right Brain Break in a Left Brain Day. $325.00 award
  • Kristen Doty, Dorcus Green, and Kelly Hardwicke – Riley Elementary School: Non-fiction Leveled Readers. $250.00 award
  • Dana Sass and Lisa Horner – Lincoln Elementary School: Scholastic Scholars. $144.00 award
  • Rita Goers and Jen Cochran – Lincoln Elementary School: Handy, Hands-on Math Enrichment Investigations. $200.00 award
  • Erin Parker – La Porte High School: Kindness Campaign, Reading and Writing for a Greater Purpose. $250.00 award
  • Sara Atkinson – Crichfield Elementary School: Junior Great Books. $447.00 award
  • Sylvia Smith – Boston Middle School: Let's Go Academic Teams! $500.00 award
  • Holly Lyles and Liz Kirk – Riley Elementary School: Today’s Readers Make Tomorrow's Leaders. $200.00 award
  • Janie Ulmer – La Porte High School: We Built this City…on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. $230.00 award from United Way
  • Diane Binkley, Karen Waltz, and Sarah Worthington – Indian Trail: Building the Brain. $500.00 award from Aero Metals

 The winners announced May 2012 are:

  • Kristen Doty and Dorcus Greene – Riley Elementary School: Green Light Readers. $433 award
  • Donna Hale – Lincoln Elementary School: Ooohs and Ahhhs Abound when Weekly Reader’s Around. $158 award
  • Stephanie Kaiser and Sara Rathbun – Riley Elementary School: Informational Weekly Readers. $131 award
  • Barb Cannon and Jill Reed – Riley Elementary School: Reading Informational Text. $137 award
  • Tia McCarty – Kingsbury Elementary School: Kids In Between. $481 award
  • Dana Sass and Lisa Horner – Lincoln Elementary School: Exposing and Exploring Real World Events. $123 award
  • Christine Rosenbaum – La Porte High School: Get the Scope on Reading. $220 award
  • Pam Steck and Ronda Shelton – Riley Elementary School: Phonemic Awareness-A Piece of the Reading Puzzle. $500 award
  • Krista Hay, Nancy Levenhagen, and Michelle Allen – Handley Elementary School: Kindergarten Literacy for Life. $500 award
  • Deb Applegarth, Ann Buhner, and Jessica Young-Brust – Kingsbury Elementary School: Listen to Read. $400 award
  • Diane Binkely and Sarah Worthington – Indian Trail Elementary School: Diving Into The Daily Five. $426 award.

The winners announced May 2011 are:

  • Gregory Alberding - La Porte High School: What Are You Made Of? $500 award
  • Holly Lyles and Liz Kirk - Riley Elementary School: Science Safari - Let's Explore The World Of Science. $500 award
  • Charity Shouse - Kesling Middle School: Embossed Metal Encaustics. $500 award
  • Maria Amor - Lincoln Elementary School: Culinary Skills and Core Standards. $500 award
  • Sharon Nash, Julie Ross, and Lynette Capusan - Crichfield Elementary School: RTI Resource Room Materials. $490 award
  • Pam Steck and Ronda Shelton - Riley Elementary School: Reader's Theater To Promote Fluency. $450 award
  • Tammy Lipscomb and Tanya Roach - Boston Middle School: Boston Books For Kids. $450 award
  • Judie Dermody and John Dearing - Kesling Middle School: Newton's Laws. $300 award
  • Kari Schroder and Tricia Zila - Lincoln Elementary School: Dynamite Differentiation. $150 award
  • Benjamin Anderson, Joann Archambault, and Kay Younggreen - Indian Trail Elementary School: iPad Apps For Achievement. $150 award

 The winners announced May 2010 are:

  • Marcia Aragon, Jen Cochran, Rita Goers, Faryl Smith – Lincoln:  Writer’s Workshop, Writing Our Way to the Top!
  • Marcia Aragon, Faryl Smith – Lincoln:  Bringing AR into the Reading Curriculum
  • Aaron Gogel – Boston Middle School:  A Move in the Right Direction
  • Sara Sightes – Kingsford Heights:  Math Magic-Making Sense with Math Manipulatives
  • Rachelle Pruitt, Tom LaFrance – La Porte High School:  Project Team Building
  • Charity Shouse – Kesling Middle School:  Advertising for Social Change
  • Bonnie DeWolf, William Schramlin, Stacy Glanz, Cori Kiff, Tara Merritt, Aaron Gogel, John Dwyer, Colin Roberts, Sandy Huber – Boston Middle School:  Civil War Interdisciplinary Unit

The winners announced May 2009 are:

  • Lynne Wahlstrom - Crichfield:  Mobi Mobile Interactive Whiteboard
  • Barb Hooper - Kesling Middle School:  Speed Stacking
  • LaPorte High School Business Teachers:  Digitool: IBE Smartpens
  • Elementary School Counselors:  Grief Response Resource Center
  • Christine Rosenbaum - La Porte High School:  "The Wheel of English"
  • Sara Sightes - Kingsford Heights:  "Fun with Fluency, Feeding the Minds of Emergent Readers"
  • Bonnie DeWolf - Boston Middle School:  The Importance of Understanding Money and Economics
  • Intermediate Teachers - Riley Elementary School:  Touchmath, Response to Intervention