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Hi-Times Newspaper

Statement of Purpose

The La Porte High School Hi-Times provides a forum for student views. The newspaper aims to inform and entertain the students, faculty and community of LaPorte High School. The pages contain news, editorial, feature, and sports writing pertinent to student life in the school, community, nation, and the world. Editorial policy is determined by an editorial board consisting of the editor-in-chiefs, copy editor, sports editor, business manager/advertising manager, and photography editor.

The function of this editorial board is to review editorials, editorial columns, letters to the editor, and advertisements to insure that they meet legal and ethical standards of responsible press with respect to material that is libelous, obscene, invasive of privacy, or likely to cause substantial disruption to the education process. The Hi-Times has the right to accept or reject any advertisements.

The La Porte High School Hi-Times encourages students, teachers, parents, and other readers to publish their opinions about relevant topics in the form of letters to the editor. Letters must be signed although authors' names may be withheld in cases of personal jeopardy. The staff hopes that this opportunity will be used by all members of the La Porte High School community. The editorial board reserves the right to edit letters in the interest of conserving space.

The opinions expressed on the editorial pages are those of the signed author of the writing and not necessarily those of the entire Hi-Times staff, the La Porte High School faculty, or the administration of the La Porte School Corporation. Staff editorials are written by different members of the Hi-Times and express the views of the entire staff.

Funding for the paper comes from advertising, and the paper is distributed free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff of La Porte High School .

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