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LPHS Clubs

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Academic Decathlon

Mrs. Niksch
Room 1.40

Decathlon competition consists of six timed, written tests of academic strength, three demonstrations of communication ability, and the Super Quiz. The tests and demonstrations are as follows: 1) Economics, 2) Fine Arts, 3) Language and Literature, 4) Mathematics, 5) Science, 6) Social Studies, 7) Essay Writing, 8) Interview, 9) Speech, and 10) Super Quiz (Interdisciplinary). Each student competes in all ten events. A team consists of nine students from any grade level. Each team must include two varsity (0.00 – 2.99 GPA), three scholastic (GPA 3.00 – 3.74 GPA), and three honor (3.75 – 4.00 GPA) students. We meet after school once a week, day is determined by vote.

Super Bowl

Mrs. Niksch
Room 1.40

Super Bowl is a team competition made up of five squads of 4 students each, one squad for each subject area. A sixth team made up of 6 students will participate in the Interdisciplinary squad. Any team member may compete in a maximum of two subject area squads and the Interdisciplinary squad. The subject areas are English, mathematics, social studies, science, and fine arts. Each subject competition consists of 25 multiple-choice questions projected on a screen. Team members have 20 seconds to agree on an answer. Area competition is in April and the State competition is in May. Any student may participate. Practice Schedule:
Determined by individual subject coaches, could be before or after school.

American Sign Language Club

Mrs. Witulski
Room H.10

This club is open to students who are taking, have taken or are interested in American Sign Language and deaf people. There are no dues. We will meet every two to three weeks on Thursdays after school. Students determine the course of the year's activities, which includes but are not limited to: ASL and deaf awareness activities, activities in conjunction with school events, meeting other deaf people at local events, watch movies, and presentations. Field trips can be planned. Depending on year-long plans and club goals, fund-raising may take place.

Art Club

Mrs. Lebo
Room ART1

Art Club is an organization open to all interested students. Students do not have to be enrolled in art classes to become a member. Meetings are held Thursday mornings during Success period on a regular basis.  Members participate in school activities such as Homecoming by creating a float, and working at related events as face painters, etc. Club members provide service through art projects in the school system, and also in the community.

Business Professionals of America  
Mrs. Cepeda,
Miss Cepeda , Mrs. Maxey

Business Professionals of America BPA is a new club in 2015-2016. BPA is organized to help prepare students for the workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. There are 43,000 members in over 2,300 chapters in 23 states. Any student who is enrolled in or has completed a business, CTE, or technology class is welcomed to join BPA.


School adviser:
Mrs. Arney
Room J.22

La Porte Bowling Club is a sport team who competes on the Duneland circuit. Ten male and ten females are selected after try-outs in the fall to compete during the winter season. La Porte is sponsored by Casey's Lanes in La Porte.

Drama Club
(Tau Sigma Chi)

Mr. Wszolek
Room J.26

The purpose of the Drama Club is to promote worthwhile theatre arts activities in LPHS. Highlights of the club include supporting the plays at LPHS, theatrical excursions, script writing contests, fundraisers (t-shirts), post-performance receptions, scholarship opportunity.

Ecology Club

Mr. Alberding
Room 4.12

Interested in animals, the environment, recycling? Well, come join the LPHS Ecology Club and participate in the activities that interest you. Ecology Club runs the school paper recycling program during Success Period throughout the school year.  We collect data on the Little Calumet River and submit our findings to the DNR.  We also learn and practice animal husbandry with the dozens of animals in Mr. A’s room. We are having business meetings on Wednesday mornings once a month in Mr. Alberding’s Room 4.12 at 7:20am (during success period).  Come to room 4.12 any morning to get a schedule of meetings and events.  We have also participated in World Water Monitoring Day, denim collections for insulation, and our state’s BioBlitz.  Come find out what we are doing this year :)

El Pe Yearbook

Miss Parker
Room J.12

The El Pe Yearbook is a co-curricular class that meets daily throughout the school year to assemble, produce, and sell the yearbook.



Mrs. Starr Rice Room D.12

The Envirothon is an all day competition in which the members of the team will listen to presentations on 5 main topics which include forestry, aquatics, soil, wildlife, and current events.  The team members then take a test on the 5 subjects as a group.  If the team places in the top 3 at the competition, they move on to the state competition.  Many of the topics are presented outdoors (weather permitting).  We meet once a week starting in November.  We will meet on Mondays after school.  The meetings are held in my classroom or in the lab area (D.12 or D.13)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Sponsor: Dave Krider

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) welcomes any LPHS 9-12 athlete wanting to come together to worship God.  Meetings are usually every other week and are held at different students’ houses. Listen to school announcements for meeting dates, locations and times. 

French Club

Ms. Nimtz
Room H.15

The French Club (Le Cercle Français) is open to any student interested in French language or culture.  The club offers the students social opportunities outside of class to enhance the cultural and conversational experience of the language study.  Several French breakfasts are held during the year which are among the favorite activities.  Dues are $5 per year.

Future Problem Solvers

Mrs. Kwasney BMS

Future Problem Solvers involves teams of four students at any grade level to go through a six-step problem solving process that lasts two hours. Research and practice take place prior to the actual competition solution. The first step of competition is in writing. Invitations are given to State and National events.

German Club

Ms. DeFauw
Room H.12

German Club gives students of German (present, past and future!) an opportunity to experience cultural activities of the country.  The club organizes in September and members select and schedule activities for each trimester.  Dues are $4.00. Students enjoy German breakfasts, prepare holiday food and cookies, and visit the Christmas Market in Chicago.  Profits from selling Advent Calendars fund scholarships for graduating club members.

Girl Reserves

Mrs. Voekler
Room E.11

GR is a community service organization open to ALL girls who are students at LPHS or home schooled within the LPCSC district.  Members work to make the La Porte community a better place and in the process learn the value of volunteerism. Some volunteer opportunities include Santa's Helper at the Deserving Children's Christmas, sponsor the annual LPHS food drive, Christmas adopt-a-family project, assisting with activities at local nursing homes and helping at school functions.  GR members work hard all year long and are rewarded with a formal dance in February. 

Hi Times

Ms. Parker
Room J.12

The Hi Times Newspaper is a co-curricular class that meets daily throughout the school year to keep students, staff, and the community informed about the goings on of the school, community, nation and world. The class works to produce and pay for the newspaper. Students also work on having a social media presence including keeping up a daily Twitter and Wordpress account.


Interact Club

Mrs. Wireman
Room  1.39

Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about. Through Interact, you can: carry out hands-on service projects, make international connections, and develop leadership skills. We are the “teen” group of the City of La Porte Rotary.



Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) is an academic competition that consists of a group test that normally takes four hours.  After the test is over, there is a luncheon and award ceremony.  The test is during school hours at Purdue Calumet. Meeting times will be setup at a later date.

LaPorte Lacrosse Club

LaPorte Lacrosse Club is a team sport that competes at a JV and Varsity level with teams from Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing team sports in America. It is considered to be America’s first sport, originating with the Native American Indians. The sport is a combination of basketball, soccer and hockey. Registration begins in the fall. Indoor practices will begin in January with the season running from March through May. All high school students are welcome to join. For information please call 324-3757 or view the website at www.laportelacrosse.com.

Math League

Mr. Beres
Room 1.22

Indiana Math League Competitions, given monthly beginning in October, are administered by most math teachers during Success Period.  Listen to morning announcements or see a math teacher if interested. The American Mathematics Competition is held annually in February.  Students must be recommended by a math teacher, as only sixty students at LPHS are tested.  Students may qualify for the next round, the AIME, if their scores rank high enough.  Many colleges look at these scores for potential math related fields. Miscellaneous Competitions:
LPHS students may participate against other local high schools at Saturday competitions.  We have participated at Indiana University South Bend, Purdue North Central, and other area locations.

Honor Society

Mrs. Lebo,
Mrs. Spoor
Room Art 1

This organization honors students who excel in character, scholarship, leadership, and service.  Membership is by invitation only.   Juniors and Seniors with a 3.5% GPA are invited to join.  Grade point average counts as part of the formula for membership; faculty and personal recommendations on character, leadership, and service form the basis of membership along with survey each applying student is required to complete. In addition to the chapter service projects (tutoring, food drive, Adopt-a-Family), members complete at least 25 hours of community service.

Photography Club

Mr. Turner
Room ART2

Photography Club is an organization open to all students who enjoy taking photos and learning more about photography. Students meet Tuesdays after school on a regular basis to share their photos, hear guest speakers, and prepare photos for exhibits here at LPHS, and in the community.


Ping Pong Club

Mr. Korell
Room 1.10

La Porte Ping Pong Club is a sport team who competes competitively in school to determine the best ping pong players at La Porte High School. The sport will eventually compete against other schools in the area. The club is open to anyone that is interested in playing ping pong and growing their knowledge of the rules of the sport. The Ping Pong Club offers a friendly environment for new players to pick up the game while experienced players can hone their skills.  The club is sponsored by Magic Sports.

Postponing Sexual Involvement

Mr. Hart

The Postponing Sexual Involvement Program is an educational curriculum
designed to help teenagers learn to cope with and resist social and  peer pressures to become sexually active at inappropriately early ages.  Selected teen leaders visit Kesling and Boston Middle schools to make presentations to students about postponing sexual involvement. Teen leader applicants should: Be rising to 10th, 11th or 12th grade, have a Social Security Number, relate well to other teens, and be a role model whose overall behavior reflects the message of the Postponing Sexual Involvement Educational Series. They should also desire to be involved in teenage pregnancy prevention activities, especially the Postponing Sexual Involvement program, and feel comfortable speaking before a group.

Science Olympiad

Mr. Messacar Room D.11

Science Olympiad is a team competition that requires knowledge of various science topics and engineering abilities. Over 14,000 teams from the US and Canada compete each year. Topics include: Ecology, Egg-O-Naut (rocket launching an egg without breaking it), Chemistry, Electric Vehicle,  Forensics, Herpetology (knowledge of reptiles and amphibians), Junkyard Challenge, and Physics Lab.

Spanish Club

Miss Schnitzer, Mrs. Veen
Room 5.10




Spanish Club exists to encourage and enrich students’ study of the Spanish language through cultural activities not possible in the classroom.  Students enrolled in a Spanish class or who have previously completed two years of Spanish study may join.  Yearly dues are $5.  Spanish Club engages in several fundraisers each year, to fund club activities, to assist students traveling or studying in a Spanish-speaking country, and to award college scholarships to graduating seniors studying Spanish in college. Recent activities have included breakfasts, pizza & movie parties, “Speak Spanish Only” dinners with Spanish teachers, presentations by student participants in travel/study programs, cultural dance lessons, and outings to restaurants and cultural events.  Members also assist with local ESL classes and participate in Student Council-sponsored Homecoming parades and charity drives.

Spell Bowl

Mr. Sherrick
Room D.10

In Spell Bowl, team members are given a list of nine words to spell, with each correctly spelled word adding one point to the team’s overall score.  Typically, the teams with the top ten scores in area competitions from across the state advance to the state competition.  Practice sessions for Spell Bowl are usually every Tuesday and Thursday after school, starting at the end of August and going through possibly the beginning of November (depending if the team qualifies for state). 


Mrs. Long, Mrs. Rice, Mrs. Rosenbaum
Room J.17

STAND Club ("Striving to Achieve Never-Ending Dreams") supports and promotes a drug, alcohol, tobacco, and bully-free lifestyle among LPHS students and the community. If you participated in DARE Club in middle school, you will want to join STAND Club. All students are welcome to join anytime during the school year. STAND Club meets each Monday at 2:45. Dues: $5/year.    

Student Council

Mrs. White
Room 1.27

Student Council is the student government arm of the school. The constitution states that, "The Student Council will at all times represent the concerns and interests of the student body fairly and equitably. The Student Council will also encourage participation by students in academic and extra-curricular activities....Most importantly, the Student Council will augment a spirit of cooperation between the student organizations."  In addition, Student Council volunteers time and money to organizations in La Porte beyond the high school.

Table Top Game Club

Mrs. Owens
Room D.14

The Tabletop Game Club is a group that provides students an opportunity to play board games and card games after school. The purpose is to offer teens a safe place after school, stress relief, and to foster a place where any student can feel welcome regardless of ability.

Tattered Pages
Book Club

Mrs, Kanney, Mrs. Taylor
Room J.20

The Tattered Pages Book Club meets monthly to discuss books of high interest to LPHS readers.  There is no formal membership or dues.  Anyone who likes to read and discuss with others what they have read is encouraged to attend.  The book for each month and the time and place of the discussion are announced on the announcements.  Refreshments are served at each meeting.

Quiz Bowl


Quiz Bowl is a competition between two teams of four or five players in which general trivia questions are answered. In many respects, Quiz Bowl is much like the game show Jeopardy.  The trivia questions could be related to science, math, literature, art, history, sports, and many other topics.  The season typically starts in November with practice matches and carries through to March with the Duneland Academic Conference Quiz Bowl tournament held at Chesterton High School.  Based on the regular season record against other schools or the performance in the tournament, the team could qualify for the state tournament held in March or April.  In all, there are 3 to 4 practice matches, 9 regular season matches, the DAC tournament, and the possibility of state qualification.

*****Please note: Additional school-sponsored clubs may be added yearly pending approval from Student Council. As always, students are reminded to listen to morning announcements for up to date information.