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Art Department - Mrs. Long

Mrs. Long graduated from LaPorte High School. She was fortunate enough to have had one of the most excellent teachers as her High School Art Teacher. From him she gained confidence in herself, her artistic abilities, and the encouragement to share those things with others.

She earned her undergraduate degree at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. She chose Indiana State University because they had an excellent Metallurgy Program in the Art Department, which is her favorite thing to do. While she was in the Art Department at Indiana State University, she learned that there is a very distinct difference between artists and art teachers. She learned that artists experiment and learn through art the same as people who are art teachers, but artists sit while looking over their shoulders as though their discoveries are deep, dark secrets, and hope no one else will realize it. As an art teacher, all a person really needs to show Mrs. Long is a sincere thirst for knowledge, and she will do everything in her power to quench that thirst. Mrs. Long considers this to be her greatest assist as a teacher.

She earned her Master's Degree from Indiana University of South Bend, which took her five years to complete between births of her two children. She has been teaching here at LaPorte High School for the past 23 years. At this point in time, Mrs. Long feels that her greatest weakness may be how hard she is on herself. She demands the best from herself in everything she attempts to do. She has a hard time relating to people who are satisfied with mediocre performance from themselves, and in situations that they have the power to improve. Mrs. Long would like to encourage anyone who enjoys making art and enjoys sharing his/her accomplishments with others to become an art teacher. An exceptional art teacher is one who actually makes art.

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