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Business & Technology Department

Where Students are "Learning a Living", "Being Prepared for Your Future"

Whether students plan to go to work directly after high school graduation or to continue their education, Business and Technology Education courses offer skills for life...

Our Goals:

Provide two educational options in one--college prep and job prep

The Business and Technology education program includes the basic business courses needed to meet the entrance requirements of colleges, universities, and business schools. Business & technology courses are the perfect academic complement to general education courses and an excellent elective choice for those students wishing to attend post secondary education and pursue a degree. We also include skill subjects that meet entry-level job requirements of employers. After taking Business Education courses, students have the option to go to work, go to college, or do both.

Help students develop "marketable" workplace skills.

The skills acquired in Business Education courses help students to be employable in a highly competitive job market. Technology skills are developed through such courses as digital citizenship, information communications and technology A & B, computer illustration and graphics, web design, computer programming, and accounting 1 & 2. These same skills enable students to “work their way” through college.

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