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Publication Classes

Creative Writing

This repeatable course is available to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who enjoy writing and have acquired basic writing skills. Students have the opportunity to write in various genres of literature while serving as the staff of the creative writing magazine, Reflections. Selection is through an application.

Hi Times (School Newspaper)

This course offers practical experience in newspaper production. Students are responsible for writing articles, taking photos, selling advertising, and creating layouts. Emphasis is on writing skills, meeting deadlines, and working with others. Selection is through an application.

Public Relations/Digital Media



El Pe (Yearbook)

Students in this class are members of the yearbook staff. During the first six weeks students learn the journalistic format of year books. This course offers practical experience in publication work. Students are responsible for feature writing, photography, layout design and advertising sales. Selection is through an application.


This course introduces students to various aspects of newspaper reporting, writing, editing, and designing layouts. Students should already have better-than-average writing skills. Emphasis is also placed on analytical, interpretive, and critical forms of journalistic writing. This course provides excellent preparation for staff work on the newspaper or yearbook.

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