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Principal: Mr. Ben Tonagel
Associate Principal: Mr.Scott Upp

Family & Consumer Science Department Teachers

Lindsey Pritchard

Teaching Experience: LPHS 2010-present, Elkhart Community Schools 2008-2010, Warsaw Community Schools 2006-2007

Education: Wooster High School - 2000, BS Vocational FACS Education - Ball State University - 2006, Master of Science Degree - Indiana Wesleyan University - 2012

Currently Teachers: Nutrition and Wellness, Advanced Nutrition and Wellness

What I Like About Teaching: "I like teaching student's skills they will apply to their life. I love building relationshipswith my students and helping them achieve their goals."

Words of Wisdom: "Life is too short to sit around and wait for something to happen."

Susan Yazel

Teaching Experience: LPHS 1978-1984 and 2000 - present, Boston Middle School 1984 - 2000

Education: Lebanon High School - 1972, Bachelor of Science Degree - Purdue University - 1976, Master of Science Degree - Purdue University 1979

Currently Teaches: Introduction to Housing and Interior Design, Preparing for College and Careers, Education Professions/Cadet Teaching

What I Like About Teaching: "I love helping students develop decision-making skills and problem solving skills that will enable them to be happy and successful."

Words of Wisdom: "Graduating from high school is just the beginning of a fantastic journey. Share it with friends who will encourage you, and help you navigate around the roadblocks. Take advantage of every new opportunity, and never be afraid to change your destination or to follow your dreams."

Eileen Young

Teaching Experience: Nine years at Lowell Middle School teaching Family & Consumer Science.

Education: ISU Terre Haute, BS in Vocational Home Economics, MS in Learning Disabilities.

Currently Teaching: Fashion and Textiles, Fashion Merchandising.

What I Like About Teaching: "I like seeing light bulbs come on in my student's eyes when they realize that they've accomplished their goal!"

Words of Wisdom: "Have a dream, set goals to make that dream come true!"
"There is a "moment in time" for everyone who believes in themselves and strives toward success!"

Rachel Zeltner

Teaching Experience: LPHS 2012-present, Wanatah Public School 2009-2012, MSD Lawrence Township 2008-2009, and Youth Opportunity Center 2007-2008.

Education: Mishawaka High School 1999, Ball State University B.A. Health and Safety Education 2004, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 2006 B.S. Education.

Currently Teachers: Child Development, Advanced Child Development, Interpersonal Relationships.

What I Like About Teaching: I love making real-world connections between my class material and students' lives. I absolutely love my students and giving them the tools that they need for a successful and fulfilling future. My classes here at LPHS are unique in the fact that every day we learn about something that they will absolutely need to know in their futures-from how to interact with colleagues to how to diaper a baby. FACS classes are exciting and fun and students are able to get hands on experiences while at school that they can apply at home. I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

Words of Wisdom: "My advice to all young people is to get out there and explore this big beautiful world we live in! Don't limit yourself to your current situation, take every opportunity to better your life and never ever give up on yourself! Follow your gut instincts and as always, my two main pieces of advice are the following: Hydrate or die and MAKE WISE CHOICES!"

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