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Earth Science

Class Prerequisite Description
Earth Science A, B No Prerequisite Earth Science A is a course that provides a study of the earth's lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere, and its celestial environment.  This course emphasizes the study of energy at work in forming and modifying earth materials, landforms, and continents through geological time.  Earth Science A focuses on the earth's geological features and processes, and lab study will play  an integral part of instruction. ESB focuses on the study of meteorology, astronomy, and oceanography.  Students have opportunities to gain an understanding of the history of the development of the earth and space sciences, to explore the uses of knowledge of the earth and its environment in various careers, and to cope with problems related to personal needs and social issues.
Astronomy/ Advanced Science Special Topics Prerequisite: 2 trimesters Biology with a B or teacher approved Astronomy is a course that provides for the in depth investigation of phenomena observable within the universe and their synthesis into theoretical, physical, and mathematical models. The material is designed for a higher level, mature type of student. A great deal of time is spent on "observational" Astronomy.
Geology/ Advanced Science Special Topics Prior year
prerequisite: 2
credits in science
Geology is a course that provides for the in-depth investigation of geological principles, methodologies, samples and current models such as tectonics.  Due to the nature of the material, the course is designed for more mature students.  Much time is spent on integrating the above-mentioned information with local geologic features.
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