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Ms. Da Mota

A native of Indiana, Ms. Da Mota lived 17 years in California before moving back to this area in 1993. She started her career as a teacher for deaf and hard-of-hearing(D/HH) students while living in Los Angles. She graduated from California State University in Northridge, receiving her Master of Arts in special education and having earned two teaching credentials. She is a teacher/consultant for deaf and hard-of-hearing(D/HH) students for the corporation and just began teaching American Sign Language(ASL). at La Porte High School in 2006. She loves it! "I vividly recall my experience learning American Sign Language in college. All my professors were deaf and used the immersion method...no voice at all...ever! I can empathize with my students' experience trying to grasp a language so surprisingly different from English. Ms. Da Mota has traveled to places such as Fiji, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sumatra, India, Germany, England, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Canada, and many states in the United States. She also lived a year in Bangkok, Thailand. She loves off-road and road biking, building things with clay on a wheel, gardening, creatures large and small, cooking, reading, and she helped lead the charge in a grassroots environmental "battle" in her community against the government (by the way...she won!). After teaching at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, she loves working with the high school students the most.

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