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SAT Information

Over the past years, Indiana's SAT scores have continued a slow and steady rise even as the number of students taking these tests has increased. These rising participation rates reflect the fact that more and more of our recognizing the importance of pursuing high education.

Students that take rigorous Core 40 and Academic Honors courses in high school will not only perform better on the SAT & PSAT, but
more importantly, they will perform better in college and the workplace as well. Research demonstrates that a rigorous academic curriculum is the single-most significant factor in determining a student's success in college, regardless of socioeconomic status or family background.

  • Please go to www.collegeboard.com for further
    information and registration

  • Information packets can be picked up in the guidance office

Meet the SAT

What It Means for your Child:

  • The SAT is a three-hour-and-forty-five -minute test that measures the critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and writing skills that students need to do college-level work

What Is the Test Like?

  • The test's three sections are divided into nine subsections, including a 25-minute essay, which are timed separately

  • There are several breaks between sections, during which your child is welcome to eat or drink any snacks he or she has brought.

How Can My Child Prepare?

  • Sign up for the SAT 2400 test prep class. Information will be released as soon as the dates are set

  • Find additional resources by visiting the SAT website, www.collegeboard.com

How Important Are SAT Scores?

  • The most important factor for college admisssion is your child's high school transcript - judged by grades received and the rigor of the courses

  • SAT scores are intended to supplement your child's record

When Should Your Child Take the SAT?

  • Most take it during their junior or senior year of high school

  • At least half of all sudents take the SAT twice - in their junior and again in their senior year

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