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Works Cited

Every source you have cited in your paper must be included in your works cited page. Works cited means exactly what it says: these are the works I have cited in my paper. Most LPHS teachers require the Modern Language Association of America (MLA) format. Check with your teachers for the format they desire

Below you will find the most common types of resources. If you need more help, visit the "Frequently Asked Questions" page on the MLA website www.mla.org.

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Works Cited


Almond, David. Kit's Wilderness. New York: Dell Laurel-Leaf, 2001.

Book with Two or More Authors

Hamsutt, Oscar, and Mary McCurry. Running with the Wolves. New York: Dutton, 1997.

An Anthology or a Collection of Short Stories, Poems, or Essays

Angelou, Maya. "Momma, the Dentist, and Me." Models for Writers. Eds. Alfred Rosa and Paul Escholz. Boston: Bedford,2001.273-279.


Stengel, Richard. "To Be a Snob or Not to Be." Time 15 July 2002:63.

* If no author is listed, begin your entry with the title of the selection.
"Venus and Serena." Tennis Match 21 Mar. 2001:22-23.


Mitarja, Suzzane. "A Tale of Two Cemeteries: Gravestones as Community Artifacts." English Journal 90.5 (May 2001): 82-87.

*The 90.5 indicates the volume number is 90, and the issue number is 5. If your source has no issue number, just write the volume number. Journals always have volume numbers listed.


Udall, Stewart. "Robert Frost's Last Adventure." The New York Times 11 June 1972:28.


Handel, Greg. Personal Interview. 22 Sept. 2003.

General Reference

Note: some teachers prefer you avoid general encyclopedias. Check with your teacher for permission to use such sources.

"Martin Luter King, Jr." The World Book Encyclopedia. 1990 ed.

* You do not need to list the page numbers where this source can be found since this encyclopedia is arranged alphabetically.

Article from an Online Database that comes From a Print Source

Stafford,Jhan. "The Terror in Robert Frost." The New York Times on the Web 18 Aug. 1974 <http://www.nytimes.come/books/99/04/25/specials/frost-terror.html>.

Article from an Online Database With No Print Equivalent (A Professional Site)

"From the Blue Period to Cubism." 2000. Pablo Picasso Administration. 12 July 2003 <http://www.picasso.fr/>

*The first date (2000) indicates when this site was last updated; the second date (12 July 2003) indicates when the writer accessed this site. If this site had an author, you would begin with that person's name.


Mann, Thomas E. and Norman J. Ornstein. "Shipshape? A Progress Report on Congressional Reform." Brookings Review Spring 1994: 40-45. SIRS Researcher. CD-ROM. Boca Raton: SIRS, 1994. Art. 57.

NewsBank Online

Wood, Daniel B. "Largest Welfare-to-Work Program Called a Success." Christian Science Monitor 21 Apr. 1993: 3. NewsBank. May 1993 <http:welfare>. * The first date (20 Apr. 1993) indicates when the article appeared in the Christian Science Monitor; the second date (May 1993) indicates the last update on the web site.