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LaPorte Community Schools Facility Rental

Instructions for Facility Use Application

All requests for facilities shall be directed to the office of the Director of Facilities. This includes usage by school personnel and external requests for the use of our facilities. The Director will coordinate the scheduling of facilities and personnel in conjunction with our district energy management and cost control procedures.

  1. Facility Use Application:
  • Internal/School Activities - The ONLINE form must be completed by the principal, director or designee for all school activities or events occurring outside of the regular school day. Completion of the form is NOT required for regularly scheduled practices, games or competitions already identified on the corporation calendar. However, any activity requiring additional staffing or special facility preparation should be submitted on the form.
  • External - The form must be completed in its entirety and signed by all involved parties. All applications should then be sent to the Director of Facilities for review and approval. He will determine the custodial/grounds staffing needs and communicate with the applicant and building personnel. Facilities are not available for personal or private rentals.
  1. Terms and Conditions: Specific rules and regulations are identified for external entities who rent school district facilities. This includes a sample Certificate of Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement(s). (Click here for Terms & Conditions.)
  • Renters will receive a complete copy of the Terms and Conditions and are responsible to sign the Hold Harmless agreement.
  1. Rates: Specific costs are associated with renting the various properties. (Click here for rates.)
  • Employee Wages - In no case can an employee accept direct payment from the renting group.
  1. Before a facility is approved for rental, the following documents are required.
  • Damage Deposit (Check or money order. If out-of-district must be certified. No Cash).
  • Completed and Signed Facility Use Application
  • Certificate of Insurance (Click here for a sample certificate)
  • Hold Harmless Agreement(s)
  1. Final Billing
  • After completion of a rental activity, the organization will be billed by the Corporation Treasurer.