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Chromebook Maintenance

The success of the One to World Learning initiative depends, in part, on keeping the Chromebooks in good working order at all times.  It is the responsibility of the student and parents/guardians to be especially vigilant in the proper use and care of this district owned equipment. Nevertheless, accidents do happen and damaged equipment will need to be repaired in a timely manner.  All repairs and maintenance will be evaluated and completed by the LPCSC Technology Department, designated student interns (see related CSI information on this site), or Technology approved 3rd party authorized repair service.

Students/Parents/Guardians may opt to ensure against damage by paying a $30 Maintenance Plan each year. This Plan will cover two (2) accidental repairs that require part replacement throughout the school year.  Equipment that is misused, abused, vandalized or repeatedly damaged through carelessness or neglect will NOT be covered by this plan and the full cost of parts will be charged to the student/parent/guardian.

  • The following table reflects the common charges associated with Chromebook repairs and are subject to market changes affecting cost to the school corporation.

Coverage Table:

Repair/Replacement Maintenance Plan
Accidental or Normal Use
No Maintenance Plan or
Abuse or Negligence
1st Claim 2nd Claim All Incidents
Front Glass and Bezel Replacement $0 $0 $30
LCD Replacement $0 $0 $40
Keyboard/Trackpad Replacement $0 $0 $50
Top Cover Replacement $0 $0 $40
Bottom Cover Replacement $0 $0 $30
Battery Replacement $0 $0 $40
Hinge Replacement $0 $0 $40
Case Replacement $20 $20 $20
Replace charging pack $0 if defective $0 if defective $45 if lost, stolen, or damaged
Replace Chromebook $200 $200 $200
Consulting/Repair requiring no parts $0 $0 $0

Maintenance Procedures

It is the responsibility of the student and parents/guardians to exercise reasonable care of the device at all times. In the event that an accident occurs or a device quits working, students should take the device to the designated Service on Site (SOS) Center in the Media Center at La Porte High School.  All repairs on school owned equipment are done through La Porte’s Technology Department. A core group of LPHS student technology interns (CSIs, Chromebook Support Interns) will work collaboratively with the Technology Department technicians to troubleshoot all equipment needing repairs.  DO NOT take the Chromebook to a repair service outside of school. This would void the Maintenance Plan as well as the device warranty.

The CSIs and the LPCSC technicians will analyze the extent of the damage to determine whether the repair can be completed in-house or whether it has to be sent out for repair. In the event that the Chromebook has to be left for repair, a loaner device can be checked out from the library through normal checkout procedures. The student will be notified when their device is ready for pick up from the SOS center.

There may be a charge depending on the nature of the damage and the coverage of the maintenance plan.  Please see the Coverage Table under the section called Chromebook Maintenance.

Chromebook Support Intern (CSI)

CSIs are a group of students with an interest in technology as a career, a college course of study, or a hobby. They apply for and are selected for enrollment in the Chromebook Support Internship course at La Porte High School. These students receive training on all facets of Chromebook repair, maintenance, support, applications, and management. These young professionals serve as the first level of support for students and teachers with Chromebook problems or questions.  If you are a student who is interested in enrolling in this course, see your counselor to request the CSI course.


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