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Project Extended Day

Project ED is an alternative to out-of-school suspension and expulsion for middle and high school students.  Project ED was developed upon the knowledge that student behavior can be changed.  The program is a collaborative effort between the La Porte Community School Corporation and the La Porte County Juvenile Justice System.

The goal of Project ED is to maintain student dignity while helping students engage in responsible behavior so that students may remain in the school community.  The program allows students to remain within their home school, but extends their daily schedule to include before and after school sessions for a minimum of five days at the middle schools and ten days at the high school with a maximum of sixteen weeks.  Participation in Project ED is a court sanction with both student and parents being required to comply.  Failure to do so may result in future consequences through the court system for both parents and students.

In 2000, The Discovery Alliance identified Project ED as a best practice.  This was done so that the program could be replicated in other school districts.  In 2001, The Discovery Alliance hosted a seminar for superintendents in La Porte, Lake, and Porter counties to hear more about Project ED.  At least, four other corporations have adopted the program as is stated in the publication Discoveries – Programs that Impact Education and Literacy in Northwest Indiana produced by the Discovery Alliance.

When a student is referred to Project ED, the parents and students will be required to appear before a Judge of the La Porte Circuit Court on a date and time which is specified.  If the referral is granted, the judge will order the parents and student’s participation in this program.

Participation in the Project ED Program requires that the student be present at 6:00am every morning the student is assigned to the program.  During this period from 6:00am until the beginning of classes, the student will participate in a morning schedule that is provided by a Project ED instructor.  After the morning schedule, the student will attend his or her regular school program.  The after school session begins upon the dismissal of classes.  The student may be required to participate in community service activities as well as a study table.  Additionally, from 5:00pm until 6:00pm, parents are court ordered to participate in parental counseling sessions along with their children at the middle school level.  Students participate in smoking cessation classes and anger management group work 2-3 times per week.  Trained facilitators organize and facilitate these sessions.

Collaboration of teachers with community agencies and leaders is the key to the success of the program.  There are five Project ED instructors who ensure that the program is implemented correctly at Boston and Kesling Middle Schools and La Porte High School.  Assistant principals in each building are responsible for requesting the support of the local court system.  Instructional assistants also help Project ED students at both the high school and middle schools.  There is a court judge who orders the parent and child to participate in the program.  Local guidance counselors provide the services needed to students within Project ED.

Success of the program will continued to be monitored by program instructors and administrators in the following ways:

  • Students will be monitored for sixteen weeks after earning their way out of the program
  • The instructor will monitor students' grades and completion of homework
  • Number of out-of-school suspensions and expulsions
  • Number of classroom interruptions, based on the number of students sent to in-school-detention room
  • Data is reviewed monthly to consider the behaviors that place students in Project ED (truancy, frequent In-School Detentions, failing grades, etc.) and the effect Project ED has on these behaviors
  • Indiana Department of Education Suspension and Expulsion reports indicating specific reason codes and the Annual Performance Report

La Porte Community School Corporation was honored by being selected to present at the National School Board Association conference on the topic of “Cooperative Ventures:  Schools and Court Partnerships to Help Keep Students in Schools and Off the Streets” on April 16-19, 2005, in San Diego, California.