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Paula Nichols
Mrs. Paula Nichols
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We are a cooperative that provides services to students in LaPorte Community Schools, New Prairie United School Corporation, Westville Schools, South Central Schools, Tri-Township (Lacrosse and Wanatah).

We service 1,489 students of varying disabilities within our cooperative. We employ 97 teachers and 50 paraprofessionals to provide services to our students.

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April 14, 2020

Dear Parents / Guardians and Caregivers:

I want to first thank you for your diligence and dedication as you work with educators during these unprecedented times. We must all continue to stand together to meet the needs of our children.

I want to assure you that we are striving to meet these challenging times with compassion, ingenuity, creativity, and with great focus on the importance of serving our students. It is our goal to provide consistency, and support throughout these unprecedented times.

When we arrive back to our new normal, we will continue our mission to educate and serve all children. Our hope is that we will have a renewed sense of caring, belonging and kindness for one another.

Should you have questions or concerns at any time please do not hesitate to call my office at 219-324-3287 or e-mail –pnichols@lpcsc.k12.in.us.

We are so proud of our staff and the parents/guardians/ caretakers. YOU ARE ALL UNSUNG HEROES!

Paula Nichols
Director of Special Education
South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative

Print this articleDisability Awareness Month

March is Disability Awareness Month. We are fortunate to be in a country that recognizes the value of all people. We have come a long way since 1961 when President Kennedy created the President's Panel on Mental Retardation. The panel's recommendation included federal aid to states. In 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which provided funding for primary education, which expanded access to public education for children with disabilities.

By the 1970's only a small number of children with disabilities were being educated in public schools. Two Federal Laws would change this: The Education for All Handicapped Children Act (EHA) and  the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act( IDEA). These laws established a right to public education for all children and required schools to provide individualized or special education for children with qualifying disabilities. Under the IDEA states who accept public funds for education must provide special education to qualifying children with disabilities.

I have been fortunate to see the changes in our public education. We have come so far and continue to make gains so that all children can be provided the education that they deserve.

Please watch the attached video and then explore ways in the next month to celebrate the HEROES who find ways to include all children every day.

Thank you for your support of Special Education.

Paula Nichols
Director of Special Education
South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative

Click here to download the video

Print this articleParaprofessionals Needed

The South La Porte County Special Education Cooperative is hiring Paraprofessionals for the 2019-2020 school year. We provide services in La Porte, New Prairie, South Central, Westville, LaCrosse & Wanatah schools.   OPEN INTERVIEWS  JUNE 10, 2019 from 2:00pm - 5:00pm @ LaPorte High School 602 F St. LaPOrte, IN 446350  Enter through Door #9.  Interested parties should apply online at the La Porte Community School Website https://www.lpcsc.k12.in.us and/or contact Paula Nichols, Director of Special Education at 219-324-3287.

Attached documentWe are hiring

UrgentPrint this articleRecords Destruction 2018-19

If you received special education services or were tested for services but did not qualify from the South La Porte County Special Education Cooperative (La Porte, New Prairie, South Central, Westville, LaCrosse or Wanatah Schools) and you graduated or were exited from services at least three years prior to May 31, 2019, your records will be destroyed on or about July 1, 2019.  If you wish to obtain your records you must submit your written request to South La Porte County Special Education Cooperative, 602 “F” Street, La Porte, IN 46350, attention Julie Klinedinst.  The records will be released only to the former student, now of legal age, upon presentation of a photo ID.  You must make your request for records by June 1, 2019, which provides the required notice to our office.

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