Winter Safety Tips

Winter and snow covered roads and streets are just around the corner and these are the type of conditions that require extra care by all who use them. This is especially true for the school buses and the students who ride them.

Students should make sure that they are at the bus stop on time, stay back from the edge of the street, and be careful entering and exiting the bus with snow covered shoes and slippery steps.

Other motorists should be especially cautious when passing or approaching stopped buses. The streets will be slippery and it will take more time and distance to stop. A slower speed is always a good idea.

A final suggestion that the LPCSC Transportation Department makes is for the students riding on the school bus for a long time, parents should make sure students are dressed warm enough for the weather conditions. The short wait at the bus stop can turn into a much longer time if the weather and road conditions have delayed the bus and if something should occur on the route, especially in the rural areas, it might be a longer wait until another bus can get to the location.