Parental Request for Classroom Setting


Teacher requests forms are now available on our website and in our office. They are due March 29th. Our staff is going to begin looking at class lists for next year starting this month, and I think it is important to outline for you the process we use for placing students in their classes. Our teachers spend a great deal of time meeting with their grade level team to create class lists that will allow all students to be successful. We consider a variety of factors when placing students in their classes, including the following:

  • STAR reading scores
  • Math test scores
  • Discipline issues
  • RTI Information
  • 504 accommodations
  • Student-Student Interactions
  • Student Learning Style/Strengths
  • Teaching Style/Strengths
  • Special Education Information
  • Attendance
  • Gender

Our grade level teams try to create a combination of students, paired with a suitable teacher, which allows the teacher to meet the needs of each individual student, including challenging academically high students and providing interventions to our struggling students. The numbers of teacher requests that have been approved in the past have created inflexibility when creating our class lists and unbalanced classes that result in discipline issues, difficulties meeting individual student needs, decreased teacher morale, and negative effects on our school culture. Of course, if you have an extenuating circumstance that requires a specific teacher, the teacher request form is available. Otherwise, we will spend an abundance of time working to place each and every child in a classroom that will allow him/her to be the most successful. Thank you for your patience and support as we work through this process.

Mrs. Antos

Parental Request for Classroom Setting Form 17-18