ned's kindness adventure

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Hey Crichfield Families!

NED’s Kindness Adventure assembly is visiting our school!  The performance will inspire your child to be kind-hearted and caring through storytelling, music and an interactive video of NED’s trip to Kenya.

Show date:           Monday, December 18

Sale dates/time:   December 18-January 5, 2-3 p.m.

Sale location:       Office

DID YOU KNOW?  Our school gets the assembly for free because we’re hosting a Kindness Sale.  With each purchase you help keep kindness going in three ways:

  1. Gives your child a kindness reminder
  2. Sends the Kindness Adventure to other schools for free
  3. Provides income for artisans in Kenya

A small portion from each item sold provides over 100 gallons of clean water for kids in Kenya.  See what’s happening at

Hand-crafted items available for sale.  CHECK or MONEY ORDER ONLYNo cash will be accepted.

Items may vary in availability and style due to changing supply from our artisans.

Fliers sent home with students on Monday, December 4th.