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Contact Name Title
Contact George Wilmsen Wilmsen, George Principal
Contact Jerry Adrian Adrian, Jerry Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Christopher Anderson Anderson, Christopher Counselor
Contact Holly Atkinson Atkinson, Holly
Contact Cynthia Ault Ault, Cynthia Teacher - Math
Contact Laura Basich Basich, Laura Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Da-ce' Beaty Beaty, Da-ce'
Contact Diane Brown Brown, Diane Administrative Assistant
Contact Barbara Cannon Cannon, Barbara
Contact Margaret Caviston Caviston, Margaret Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Heather Chezem Chezem, Heather Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Cathy Christenson Christenson, Cathy Teacher
Contact Cheryl Daniels Daniels, Cheryl
Contact Erica Easton Easton, Erica
Contact Erin Erwin Erwin, Erin Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Christina Fields Fields, Christina Teacher
Contact Lindsay Fisher Fisher, Lindsay Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Tina Friedrich Friedrich, Tina
Contact Koreen Garrett Garrett, Koreen Administrative Assistant
Contact Tracy Hand Hand, Tracy
Contact Diana Hart Hart, Diana Administrative Assistant
Contact William Hart Hart, William Teacher - Science
Contact Amanda Hindsley Hindsley, Amanda Teacher - Reading
Contact Theresa Holmes Holmes, Theresa
Contact Rhonda Hostetler Hostetler, Rhonda Teacher
Contact Renee Howes Howes, Renee Teacher - Reading
Contact Gregory Hrunek Hrunek, Gregory Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Emily Jackson Jackson, Emily
Contact Kevin Jones Jones, Kevin Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Linda Kendall Kendall, Linda Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Richard Kievert Kievert, Richard Head Custodian
Contact Alaina Koch Koch, Alaina
Contact Abbie Kramer Kramer, Abbie
Contact Ashley Kubik Kubik, Ashley Administrative Assistant
Contact Christine Kulasa Kulasa, Christine Teacher - Math
Contact Lori Loucks Loucks, Lori Teacher - Science
Contact Amanda Martin Martin, Amanda Teacher
Contact Ashley Miller Miller, Ashley Teacher - Science
Contact Melissa Mrozinski Mrozinski, Melissa Counselor
Contact Jill Myers Myers, Jill
Contact Scott Myers Myers, Scott Teacher - Physical Education
Contact Kate Nichols Nichols, Kate
Contact Trent Norman Norman, Trent
Contact David Ortiz Ortiz, David Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Michael Otwinowski Otwinowski, Michael Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Hannah Owen Owen, Hannah
Contact Brett Parks Parks, Brett Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Julie Reed Reed, Julie Teacher
Contact Patricia Rosenbaum Rosenbaum, Patricia Teacher
Contact Julie Ross Ross, Julie Teacher - Reading
Contact Melody Sabie Sabie, Melody
Contact Rebecca Samuelson Samuelson, Rebecca Teacher - Math
Contact Carol Scheck Scheck, Carol Teacher - Music
Contact Heather Schnick Schnick, Heather
Contact Aileen Serafin Serafin, Aileen Teacher - Math
Contact Heather Smith Smith, Heather Teacher
Contact Katherine Smith Smith, Katherine
Contact Ryan Sosinski Sosinski, Ryan Teacher - Industrial Technology
Contact Gabrielle Stantz Stantz, Gabrielle
Contact Roberta Tennis Tennis, Roberta
Contact Jennifer Thrift Thrift, Jennifer Teacher - Art
Contact Kelly Troy Troy, Kelly Teacher - Reading
Contact Kristen Ulrich Ulrich, Kristen
Contact Kurt Ulrich Ulrich, Kurt Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Rachel Ward Ward, Rachel Tech/Data Coach
Contact Melissa Weber Weber, Melissa Teacher
Contact Amy Wegiel Wegiel, Amy Administrative Assistant
Contact Claudia Williams Williams, Claudia Librarian
Contact Mark Wilson Wilson, Mark Intermediate AD/Attend. Off.
Contact Eric Wozniak Wozniak, Eric Teacher