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Contact Name Title
Contact Elizabeth Krutz Krutz, Elizabeth Principal
Contact Benjamin Braden Braden, Benjamin Assistant Principal
Contact Donald Fridenmaker Fridenmaker, Donald Assistant Principal
Contact Jacob Biscan Biscan, Jacob Counselor
Contact Reigan Blair Blair, Reigan Teacher - Math
Contact Bryan Blaschke Blaschke, Bryan Teacher - Science
Contact Betheny Bortz Bortz, Betheny Teacher - Math
Contact Jessica Bules Bules, Jessica Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Kyle Chezem Chezem, Kyle Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Leticia Christner Christner, Leticia Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Julia Cole Cole, Julia Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Cravens Cravens, Elizabeth Teacher - Music
Contact Afriyie Daniels-Dudley Daniels-Dudley, Afriyie Teacher - Language Arts
Contact John Dearing Dearing, John Teacher - Science
Contact Bonnie Dewolf Dewolf, Bonnie Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Kerrilynn Drake Drake, Kerrilynn Teacher
Contact Whitney England England, Whitney Teacher - Agriculture
Contact Christopher Fuller Fuller, Christopher Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Rebecca Gamble Gamble, Rebecca Teacher - Music
Contact Stacey Glanz Glanz, Stacey Teacher - Science
Contact Aaron Gogel Gogel, Aaron Teacher - Math
Contact Eric Griffin Griffin, Eric Teacher - Science
Contact Tobi Guthrie Guthrie, Tobi Teacher - Reading
Contact Carol Hammonds Hammonds, Carol Teacher - ENL
Contact Amy Hancock Hancock, Amy Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Corinne Hardesty Hardesty, Corinne Teacher - Science
Contact Marjorie Hawkins Hawkins, Marjorie Teacher - Math
Contact Richard Hise Hise, Richard Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Tonya James James, Tonya Administrative Assistant
Contact Sara Kessler Kessler, Sara Administrative Assistant
Contact Kenneth Kiger Kiger, Kenneth Teacher
Contact Matthew Kirkpatrick Kirkpatrick, Matthew Teacher - Math
Contact Julia Krisiak Krisiak, Julia Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Laura Kwasny Kwasny, Laura Teacher - Reading
Contact Zachary Lee Lee, Zachary Teacher - Science
Contact Sherry Lichtenberger Lichtenberger, Sherry Administrative Assistant
Contact Jennifer Massengill Massengill, Jennifer Teacher - Math
Contact Carrie Miller Miller, Carrie Teacher - Reading
Contact Matthew Miller Miller, Matthew Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Charity Oliver Oliver, Charity Teacher - Art
Contact Jamie Ortiz Ortiz, Jamie Teacher - Art
Contact Amber Paquette Paquette, Amber Teacher - Agriculture
Contact Melissa Pfeifer Pfeifer, Melissa Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Erika Phillips Phillips, Erika Counselor
Contact Patricia Pieszchala Pieszchala, Patricia Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Amie Puckett Puckett, Amie Teacher - Math
Contact Jill Reese Reese, Jill Teacher - Reading
Contact Gregory Samuelson Samuelson, Gregory Teacher - Science
Contact Robert Sieko Sieko, Robert Teacher - Family & Consumer Science
Contact Zachary Sliwa Sliwa, Zachary Teacher - Health/PE
Contact Katelin Sosinski Sosinski, Katelin PLTW Computer Science
Contact Amy Strieter Strieter, Amy Teacher
Contact Megan Sullivan Sullivan, Megan Teacher - Music
Contact Caitlyn Swan Swan, Caitlyn Teacher
Contact Terri Swanson Swanson, Terri Administrative Assistant
Contact Lorraine Tighe Tighe, Lorraine Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Megan Tockert Tockert, Megan Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Brian Vedo Vedo, Brian Teacher - Math
Contact Jamie Vincent Vincent, Jamie Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Melissa Watterson Watterson, Melissa Teacher
Contact Natalie Watterson Watterson, Natalie Teacher - Social Studies
Contact Teresa Wheeland Wheeland, Teresa Teacher - Math
Contact Belinda Witherow Witherow, Belinda Teacher
Contact Mikayla Workman Workman, Mikayla Teacher - Language Arts
Contact Nicholas Wright-Hart Wright-Hart, Nicholas Teacher - Science
Contact Brenda Yuste-Gonzalez Yuste-Gonzalez, Brenda Teacher - Social Studies