School Delays and Cancellations

Current Delay/Closing Status:

  • There are currently no delays or cancellations.

Weather Delays and Cancellations **(Click here for detailed information about determining factors.)

  • La Porte Community School Corporation considers the decision to close school an important matter.  When facing the possibility of weather-related delays or closures, we rely on a team consisting of our Superintendent, Transportation Director, Director of Maintenance, and our Assistant Superintendent of Operations who not only closely monitor the projected and current reports of the local meteorologists, but also go out into the weather to evaluate road and weather conditions in order to consider the means by which all of our students travel to and from our buildings.
  • We strive to make a final determination on school delays and closings by 5:15 AM, but we continuously monitor weather conditions and may decide to close later if necessary.
  • Our team must factor into these decisions that La Porte County is the second largest county in Indiana, so temperatures, wind chills, snow accumulation, and thermometer readings vary greatly within our own school district.
  • Above all, the safety of our students and staff is first and foremost when engaging in conversations about closing or delaying school.
  • As a parent, you have the right to keep your child home if you believe his or her safety is at risk. If you choose to do so, notify your school as early as possible and it will be considered an excused absence.


LPCSC will announce delays and closings in the following way:

  • LPCSC website (alert of cancellation will be prominently placed on the screen)
  • Text (Sign up for text alerts)
  • Call
  • Email
  • LPCSC Facebook page

Make-up Days

According to the Indiana Department of Education, students are required by law to attend 180 days of school.  When the decision to close school is made, the school day must be made up using a previously scheduled “make-up day” or added to the end of the school year. When possible, LPCSC may utilize an eLearning day to avoid adding days to the end of the school year.  However, eLearning days are intended as a short-term solution.