Does the chromebook belong to the student?

No, the device remains the property of La Porte Community School Corporation and is assigned to the student to use while a student at La Porte High School, the same as a textbook.

Will students get a new chromebook every year?

No. Students are issued a new chromebook in grades 1, 5 and 9 which will follow them through the next 3 grade levels.

Will students still use textbooks?

Depends. Students may continue to use textbooks in a variety of ways depending on the course. Some textbooks may be kept in the classrooms; some may be checked out to students as needed; and some may be issued to students. Teachers will have the option to determine the best use of textbooks in their classrooms and both the chromebook and textbook will be 2 of many tools available for learning in the blended classroom.

What is blended learning?

A very basic definition would be that blended learning involves student learning using face-to-face instruction, and online digital delivery and presentation.

Do students have to use the digital device or can they opt out of the One to World Learning initiative?

The Chromebooks are considered as much a requirement to a student’s educational experience as a textbook. It is a learning tool that is essential for living and learning in today’s world. Students will not be allowed to opt out of the program.

How should students take care of their assigned chromebook?
  • Student devices should always be transported in the chromebook bag or hard shell case provided at the time the device was issued to them. The bag is designed so that the chromebook can be used while securely set inside the carrying case. Hard shell cases should never be removed by anyone other than school or CSI staff/students.
  • Devices are to be charged at home each night so they are ready for use at school the next day.
  • The inventory stickers on the devices must not be removed. No other stickers or "decoration" can be displayed on the notebook.
  • Screens can be wiped with a lint free cloth. Do not use abrasive or liquid cleaners and never spray liquid on the screen or keyboard. A gentle wipe down with a slightly damp cloth can be used to clean the keyboard and screen.
What happens when a device needs to be repaired or seen by a technician?

All repairs on school owned equipment are done through La Porte’s Technology Department. A core group of LPHS student technology interns (CSIs) will work collaboratively with the Technology Department technicians to troubleshoot all equipment needing repair. Do NOT take the chromebook to a repair service outside of school. This would void the maintenance plan as well as the device warranty.

What is the maintenance plan and what does it cover?

The maintenance plan is a $30 charge designed to defer the cost of repairs and accidental damage to the chromebook.  (Please see the section entitled Chromebook Maintenance for detailed information related to this service.)

What happens if a device is lost or stolen?

The warranty and the student’s maintenance plan does not cover the cost of replacement for lost or stolen devices. Replacement costs for a chromebook this year is $200.  Prices are based on current pricing and availability and are subject to change at any time based on current purchase costs. Device cost can be found on the chromebook maintenance page.

Who pays for other damages to the device?

Two (2) normal and routine maintenance/repair issues are covered by the annual maintenance plan. (Please see the section entitled Chromebook Maintenance for detailed information related to what is covered.) Only when the damages are determined to have been caused intentionally or through abuse or negligence will the student/parent/guardian be responsible for the charges associated with the repair.

What happens if students forget to bring the device to school?

The consequences for not having the device at school will be determined by the classroom teachers and/or building administration. Students will not be excused from classroom activities, assignments, or expectations if they forget to bring their device to class.

What can students do or not do with the device?

The Responsible Use Policy (included in this document) covers what students may or may not do with school devices. School devices are to be used for educational purposes.

What things shouldn’t students do with the device?

Students cannot use the devices for private or commercial gain or for private or personal advertising. They cannot use it to invade the privacy of others, use it to post inappropriate materials, use it to bully or abuse individuals. Students cannot use the chromebook to access post/publish or display defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, harassing or illegal material deemed educationally inappropriate.

Are school devices filtered both on campus and off?

Yes, as soon as a student logs onto their Google account, the filter is applied. However, parents should always supervise online student use of any device since no filter is 100% perfect.

Can a student use his/her own personal device while at school?

No. Students must use a school owned device in order to log into the student network at LPCSC. Personal devices are not allowed on the LPCSC Network.

Can a student use his/her own personal computer/device to complete school work while at home?

Of course. Students will be able to login to their Google accounts from any device, anywhere, anytime.

What if families do not have Internet access or have slow Internet service at home?

The LPHS staff is aware that not all families have access to the Internet. Teachers will keep this in mind as they design assignments and will work with students to provide alternate ways of accessing the information. For example, students will be able to download appropriate documents at school for offline access at home. Additionally, classrooms and labs are usually open before and after school and the public library and many businesses in town have open access to the Internet.

What happens if a student withdraws from the district before the end of the school year?
  • Students who leave the corporation are required to return their assigned device, adapter and cords prior to their withdrawal.
    • The device will be examined for damages and a fee assessed if deemed necessary.
    • If the school owned device is not returned to the school corporation upon withdrawal, failure to return the chromebook will be considered conversion/theft and will be reported to the proper authorities and a total replacement cost will be charged to the student/parent/guardian and taken to small claims court.
Will students have access to email?

Starting fall of 2019, all students have the availability to use their own gmail based email. This email is very limited in what students can receive. All student email is restricted to only being able to send to other addresses as well as a few select applications that may send notifications or updates.

Will students keep their device over the summer months?

No, students will turn in their devices, hard shell cases and power cables at the end of each school year. The devices will be checked for damages so they are ready for the new school year. The student’s device will be re-issued to them again in the Fall.

Will students turn in their soft bag chromebook cases at the same time they turn in their chromebook?

No, the soft bag chromebook case will remain in the possession of the student but must be brought with them at the time they pick up their chromebook in the Fall. If a student loses or damages a soft bag chromebook case, the student will be charged $20 for a new replacement case.

Will students be able to print from their Chromebooks?

Students will not be able to print from their Chromebooks. Students who need a hard copy can save their work to Google Drive and print from a computer lab or any other wired device including a computer from home. La Porte School Corporation is encouraging environmental responsibility by promoting a reduction in paper usage.