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The Family and Community Engagement Services (FACES) Team invites you to join us for a FREE event of dinner, giveaways, and sessions focused on How to Succeed in School.


Thursday, March 23, 2023

4:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Kesling Intermediate Cafeteria (306 E 18th Street La Porte, IN)


4:30 - 5:30 PM - Doors Open, Check-in, Vendors, & Dinner 5:30 - 6:00 PM - Keynote Speaker: Love & Logic 6:15 - 7:00 PM - Session #1 - 45 Minutes 7:15 - 8:00 PM - Session #2 - 45 Minutes


Keynote  - Our Greater Good: Love & Logic

Presented by: Garner Tullis, Executive Director (About Our Greater Good)

Are you interested in healthy relationships with your children while setting firm, loving limits that turn problems around? Love and Logic may be the answer for you. Garner Tullis from Our Greater Good will provide an overview of parenting the Love & Logic way.

Strategies to Support Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Presented by: Libby Sturm

Learn how to deal with the symptoms of student ADHD and effective strategies to help them focus, get organized, and be successful in the many facets of their daily life.

Depression & Anxiety (View Presentation)

Presented by: Kayla Suchanuk, NCC, LMHC, Child & Adolescent Therapist, Swanson Center

It is no secret that mental health problems are becoming more common and more severe. I also know most kids are talking about mental health and are more aware of what they are experiencing. While I choose to see this as a good thing, it can create a lot of stress and questions for families. We’re going to do a brief overview of Depression and Anxiety today, and also talk about some ideas for parents and families in supporting their kids. I have included a little information on self-harm and suicide at the end, because these are also on the rise alongside other mental health problems.

What Parents Need to Know about Substance Use in Teens

Presented by: Austin Epple, School Resource Officer

Family Empowerment and Substance Abuse in Teens, "Getting Uncomfortable" with kids by asking the hard questions. Investigating things at home, looking into their social spheres, and being a parent or guardian and not just a friend.

Safe Screens: Technology and the Effects on the Brain

Presented by: Mike Walthour, Director of Technology

Our children have the world at their fingertips in a way that no other generation has experienced. From social media influences to the effects of technology on the brain, we are learning how to best parent our children in this ever-evolving environment. Join LPCSC Director of Technology, Michael Walthour, as he explains how to set limits, be involved, and keep our children safe behind a screen.

Navigating Peer Relationships and Conflict (View Presentation)

Presented by: Katie Jasnieski, MA, LMHC, Swanson Center

Peer relationships change from elementary age to high school. Navigating Peer Relationships and Conflict can be challenging. During this session, families will learn about supporting their children as they navigate developing and maintaining positive peer relationships. The presentation will include practical strategies for parents to support their child with self-advocacy skills, problem-solving, and how to effectively resolve peer conflicts.

Prepare for College with 21st Century Scholars

Presented by: Fred Jackson, Indiana University South Bend

Fred Jackson, 21st Century Scholars regional coordinator will assist you and your child in signing up for the program. Fred’s presentation will help you financially prepare for college. Appropriate for grades 7 & 8. Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program is an early-college promise program designed to make college more affordable for students. Eligible students who meet requirements receive a two- or four-year scholarship that pays up to 100% tuition at an eligible Indiana college or university.

How to Succeed in Elementary School (View Presentation)

Presented by: Anne Wodetzki, Director of Prevention and SEL

The years in elementary school set the foundation for our children's future. During these years our children learn everything from how to share with each other to their fundamental academics. Join Anne Wodetzki as they help guide you in making these years as successful as possible.

How to Succeed in Intermediate and Middle School (View Presentation)

Presented by: Kelly Hardwicke, Melissa Mrozinski, & Erica Phillips

Middle school can be an exciting and challenging time for students and parents alike. During these years, the brain develops at a rate only seen in the first five years of life. Assistant principal, Kelly Hardwicke along with counselors, Melissa Mrozinski, and Erika Phillips, will help guide you with managing these changes and transitions and creating successful Slicers.

How to Succeed in High School

Presented by: Jen Hunt, Jen Goss, and Sheryl Suppinger

The time spent in high school can be viewed as the final step before students embark on their future ambitions, careers, and possibly higher education. Students continue to develop new and exciting life skills, relationships, and growth through the guidance of their counselors and staff. Sheryl Suppinger, Lead Counselor; Jennifer Hunt, Associate Principal; and Jennifer Goss, Director of College and Career Readiness guide our Slicer’s for success and well-being moving forward to the beginning of their bright futures.

College Prep - FAFSA

Presented by: Cynthia Murphy, Indiana University South Bend & Iris Sanchez

  • Recruitment/Retention Counselor & Academic Coach

  • Titan Success Center

  • Indiana University South Bend


Thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for the 2023 Parent Academy.


We are excited to welcome the following vendors to our event. They will offer support and valuable resources to our families:

  • Healthy Communities

  • Purdue University Northwest

  • Indiana University South Bend

  • Ivy Tech

  • Dunebrook

  • Horizon Bank