Mission & Vision

The following Technology Mission and Vision statements for the La Porte Community School Corporation have provided the direction for technology purchases, upgrades, professional development, and curricular integration in our school corporation over the last several years.  These statements in conjunction with a well-defined Technology Strategic Plan have provided the foundation for our One to World Learning initiative.

Technology Mission Statement

The La Porte Community School Corporation provides a technology rich learning environment for all students that improves communication, makes instruction more efficient and effective, enhances thinking and learning skills, and develops 21st century skills critical to life in a global society.

Technology Vision Statement

La Porte Community School Corporation envisions a learning community where:

  • Students are engaged and actively involved in a challenging curriculum.
  • All students have equitable access to technology, connectivity, and online resources.
  • Students are information literate so that they can face the challenges of living and working in a global economy and society.
  • Technology is integrated into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum which addresses students’ specific needs, developmental levels, and learning styles.
  • Technology is used as a tool to improve the depth of student work and provide an environment where all students, including at-risk and those with special needs, can become successful students, citizens, problem solvers, and life-long learners.
  • Technology is used to improve communications, improve productivity, and enhance and enrich curriculum.
  • Staff development is ongoing focusing on instructional and administrative applications for teachers, administrators, and all support staff.
  • Our infrastructure supports voice, video, online and data applications in a safe and secured wired/wireless environment.
One to World Learning Goals

Teaching and learning is the focus for all classroom technology in our school corporation.

  • Technology, when integrated into instruction, supports new strategies for teaching and learning by:
    • Providing equitable access to current technology for all students
    • Addressing diverse learning styles anytime and anywhere
    • Accommodating individual learning rates
    • Engaging students through hands on projects and activities
    • Encouraging cooperative/collaborative learning
    • Helping students to accept responsibility for their learning
    • Providing the means to communicate both locally to involve parents and globally to expand horizons
    • Improving academic achievement/growth in all areas.