Internet Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for Responsible Use of the LPCSC network have been adopted to help ensure that users use the Internet and all other aspects of the network as an educational resource. This list of Terms and Conditions is not new to this learning initiative. These terms and conditions, while not all inclusive, has guided network usage in the La Porte Schools for a number of years. Interpretation, application, and modification of this Responsible Use Policy is within the sole discretion of La Porte Community School Corporation. Any questions or issues regarding this policy should be directed to the La Porte Community School Corporation Director of Technology.  The failure of any user to follow the terms of the Responsible Use Policy for Internet access will result in the loss of privileges, disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action.

The following are the Guidelines for Network Acceptable Use.

Privilege Guidelines
  • The use of your account must be in support of education and research and consistent with the educational objectives of La Porte Community School Corporation.
  • The use of LPCSNet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges as well as other disciplinary or legal action. The Director of Technology and building administrators will deem what is inappropriate use and their decision is final.
  • Students and staff are expected to abide by the accepted rules of network and safety etiquette.
Acceptable use Guidelines
  • All use of the system must be in support of education and research and be consistent with the mission of the educational objectives of the La Porte Community School Corporation.
  • The use of the Internet resources may not be used in violation of any US, state or local regulation.
  • Limited network resources may not be used to stream audio or video for entertainment that is not directly related to an educational outcome.
  • The Internet resources may not be used to upload, download, or distribute pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, racist, or threatening material.
  • The unauthorized installation, use, storage, or distribution of copyrighted software and/or materials on district computers or devices is prohibited.
  • LPCSNet is not for private or commercial business use, political or religious purposes.
  • LPCSNet and the messages transmitted and documents created on it are the property of the La Porte Community School Corporation and are not to be considered private. Network supervision and maintenance will require review and inspection of directories or messages.
  • Students are not allowed to subscribe to listservs or news groups, have email accounts, or use social media or chat programs unless these services are a requirement of the classroom curriculum. Prior approval of the Technology Department is required.
Violation & Vandalism Guidelines
  • Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy Terms and Conditions will result in loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal action. These violations include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Viewing, sending, or displaying offensive messages or pictures
  • Using obscene language
  • Harassing, insulting or attacking others
  • Damaging computers, computer systems or computer networks o Violating copyright laws
  • Using another’s password or another’s stored files A La Porte Community School Corporation Learning Initiative Responsible Use Policy 9‐12
  • Trespassing in another’s folders, work or files
  • Intentionally wasting limited resources
  • Employing the network for commercial purposes
  • Breaking security by sharing your password with others
  • Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm equipment or destroy or alter data of another user, LPCSNet, or any other network or computer system. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses. Vandalism will result in loss of access, cost of repair, and disciplinary action according to the Student Handbook Discipline Policy.
Safety and Security Guidelines
  • System accounts are to be used only by the authorized owner of the account. Do NOT share your password or account with anyone. Account owners are responsible for all activity under their account. Do NOT leave an open file or session unattended or unsupervised, and log out procedures must be followed to end a session.
  • Network storage areas are to be treated like school lockers and are the property of the La Porte Community School Corporation.
  • Users shall not gain or seek information, obtain copies of, or modify files or passwords or use any other means, to gain unauthorized access to district systems and information.
Network Bandwidth Guidelines
  • LPCSNet bandwidth is to be used for educational purposes. When bandwidth is stretched to its limit, everyone on the network experiences slow or intermittent service; therefore, it is important that bandwidth be preserved.
  • Streaming of audio or video which is not related to an educational purpose or classroom assignment is an inappropriate use of this educational resource during the school day.
Social Networking and BYOT Guidelines
  • Current policy blocks student access to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat unless directly related to a classroom project supervised by a teacher.  Accessing these sites on school equipment or personal devices is a violation of this Responsible Use Policy and will result in disciplinary actions.
  • On school property, where and when allowed, personal mobile devices are subject to the same guidelines as those specified for school owned equipment.  Personal devices are allowed access to the Guest network and are to be used for educational purposes only.  Inappropriate use of personally owned devices whether connected via LPCSnet Guest Wireless or an external provider will result in the same penalties and disciplinary actions as those defined in this Responsible Use Policy.
  • The LaPorte Community School Corporation and its employees shall not be liable for a user’s inappropriate use of electronic resources or violations of copyright restrictions, users’ mistakes, negligence, or unauthorized financial obligations incurred by users. Individual users of the district computer networks are responsible for his/her behavior and communications over those networks.
Safe and appropriate online behavior

The Superintendent or designee shall provide age‐appropriate instruction regarding safe and appropriate behavior on social networking sites, chat rooms and other Internet services.  Such instruction shall include, but not be limited to, the dangers of posting personal information online, misrepresentation by online predators, how to report inappropriate or offensive content or threats, behaviors that constitute cyberbullying, and how to respond when subjected to cyber bullying.