2022-23 Strategic Action Planning Initiative

The LPCSC Strategic Action Planning Initiative is underway and as a first step in understanding the perspective of the community, we are launching an online survey about our schools and district.  By participating in this survey, you have the opportunity to share your thoughts and perceptions that will help guide our continuous improvement efforts in the areas of curriculum, safety, as well as staff, parent, and community engagement throughout the Slicer community.  All data collected from this survey is completely anonymous. As we plan for our future, your voice is incredibly important.

Please email emeyer@lpcsc.k12.in.us if you are interested in signing up for a Focus Group or Interview.

LPCSC Strategic Planning Team Products (2016)

The products posted here reflect the work of the LPCSC Strategic Planning Teams, which began meeting in the fall of 2016. Their mission was to look critically at relevant topics. Each topic had a representative team comprised of staff and community members. Teams answered key questions that were designed to address current issues and provide programming recommendations for the future. The following were specific teams that convened.

-Pre-K thru 4 Programming Model

-5/6 Programming Model

-7/8 Programming Model

-Drug Free Task Force

-K-12 High Ability Programming

-K-12 Athletic Programming

-College and Career Readiness

-K-12 Visual, Fine and Performing Arts

These products will serve as a reference to the Curriculum Teams that will be meeting in order to make recommendations on the courses and experiences we will provide for our students in the 5/6 and 7/8 intermediate schools and our Pre-K thru 4 schools.

Similar to the key questions that the Strategic Planning Teams addressed, our Curriculum Teams will also address key questions and make recommendations on the subjects we will offer, curriculum for those subjects, and the methods for delivering the curriculum. Again, Strategic Planning Team products will be referenced to guide decision making.