Strategic Plan

La Porte Community School Corporation is proud to share the work of the many dedicated constituents who spent the last year and a half developing our LPCSC strategic action plan to improve the experiences of staff, students, families, and the community of La Porte for years to come.

This final product reflects the voices of people across the community who contributed opinions and ideas through participation in surveys, focus groups, and empathy interviews. These data points provided input for our planning teams as they worked to identify actions and interventions positioning LPCSC to continuously improve in our focus areas.

The mission, vision, beliefs, focus areas, goals, and objectives are written in concert with the many successful strategies and programs currently in place here at LPCSC. We are confident that the components of this action plan will support our shared mission to ensure the success of our staff, students, farmiles, and our community engagement efforts.

The success of this mission is only as good as the support we receive from our community throughout the journey. The future is bright for LPCSC.

Focus Areas
LPCSC Focus Areas

Through community-centered feedback and design, La Porte Community School Corporation has identified three focus areas that will drive our efforts toward continuous improvement.

1. Healthy, Safe, and Welcoming Environments:

LPCSC provides safe and welcoming learning environments in which every learner has positive relationships and access to resources needed to thrive.

2. Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Outcomes:

LPCSC prepares expert learners through a system of high-quality learning, resources, and educators that emphasize critical thinking, innovation, communication, and collaboration.

3. Staff, Student, Family, and Community Engagement:

LPCSC embraces ongoing practices and experiences that foster communication, engagement, and relationships through school and community investments.