As part of our One to World Learning initiative, you will soon receive a La Porte Community School Corporation owned Chromebook with a charger. Cases designed specifically for transporting your Chromebook will also be issued to you. The following terms apply to both the device issued to you and/or any loaner device issued to you throughout the term of this agreement:

∙ I understand that it is my responsibility to exercise reasonable care of the device at all times.

∙ I acknowledge that any issued device is and remains the property of LPCSC and should be returned to LPCSC if I withdraw or leave the school corporation for any reason. Failure to do so will result in a replacement charge and a report of stolen property with our local law enforcement.

∙ I understand that my use of the device must comply with all requirements of District policies, procedures, and the student discipline code, regardless of where or when I use the device.∙ I understand that I am expected to bring my device to school every day, ready to use, fully charged, and in the provided Chromebook case.

∙ I understand that since the device is owned by the Corporation, all repairs and/or replacements must be completed by the school corporation’s technology services.

∙ I understand that I have the option of purchasing a $30 Maintenance Plan each year that will cover two accidental damages throughout the school year. Deadline to Opt-In to the Maintenance Plan is September 10th.

∙ I understand that the confidentiality of information, data, images, and messages on a district-owned device should NOT be assumed and that users have no expectation of privacy with materials or content created, received, sent, viewed, or accessed on the device.

∙ I understand that this device is to be used by me for school-related/educational purposes. I cannot lend the device to anyone, including friends or siblings, and must never share my login and password.

∙ I acknowledge that the device is filtered per the requirements of CIPA. Because filters are never 100% safe, it is my responsibility to search safely and the responsibility of my parents/guardians to supervise use of the device outside of school hours.

∙ I understand that my use of this device and the Corporation network is a privilege, not a right and that LPCSC may revoke my privilege to use a device and related services at any time.

∙ I understand that I must always treat the device with care to ensure it remains a learning tool throughout my school years. While devices experience normal wear through daily use, I am ultimately responsible for handling the device with care, carrying it in a case at all times, charging it fully for each day, and ensuring safe storage when not in use.

∙ I understand that I will be required to turn in my assigned device with power adapter prior to summer break. The device will be reissued to me upon the start of the following school year.