Need to Establish Right to Work

An Employment Eligibility Verification form (federal I-9) will be completed at the Educational Services Center. Please plan to bring:

  1. A valid passport, OR
  2. A current driver’s license AND your Social Security card OR birth certificate as identification to complete this form.
Prospective Substitute Teachers

The acquisition of excellent substitute teachers who are able to maintain an effective learning environment is of primary importance to the La Porte Community School Corporation (LPCSC). Your interest in serving as a substitute teacher is greatly appreciated. Information related to substitute teaching is included on this website. Additionally, our receptionist at the Educational Services Center is available to answer questions and may be reached between 7:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. at (219) 362-7056.

HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis B Training

According to Indiana Public Law 123, it is mandatory that all public school employees (including substitutes) be trained on the topics of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B. To serve as a substitute teacher for LPCSC, you must complete this training. If you have not already viewed this video, please call the Educational Services Center at 219/362-7056 to schedule an appointment. You will not be eligible to substitute until we can confirm that you have been provided with this important safety information.