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The Mission of the LaPorte Community School Corporation Transportation Department is to provide safe, dependable and cost effective transportation services for our students as directed by the School Board and the Superintendent within state and federal guidelines.

Transportation Department Urges Bus Safety

It is the time of the year when the days are getting shorter and shorter and, even with the changing of the clocks for daylight savings time, students will find themselves getting on and getting off of the bus in darkness or near darkness and some additional caution and preparation are required for everyone’s safety.

Cary Brinkman, Transportation Director for La Porte Community School Corporation, encourages parents to have their students ready to board the bus when it pulls up. The bus, with its flashing lights and stop sign arm, stops all traffic to allow students to board or depart the bus safely and in an expedient manner, which lessens the possibility of danger for both the students and the passing motorists. Students should also try to stay in sight of the driver as this will help the driver know when every one is safely on or off the bus before they proceed.

This time of the year also increases the likelihood of fog delays and/or closings. The LPCSC Transportation Department would like to share the following tips on how to find out if there are any delays or closings:

Check out the LPCSC Website at The website is updated as soon as a decision has been made regarding weather conditions early in the morning.

Tune into La Porte radio stations 1540 AM WLOI and 96.7 FM WCOE or Michigan City radio stations 1420 AM WIMS and 95.9 FM WEFM.

Watch South Bend TV channels WNDU 16 and WSBT 22 or go online to either of their websites for a listing of all school delays or closings.

Lastly, parents can always call the Transportation Department at 362-1023 if they are in doubt or have any questions.


Important information to remember regarding your student’s bus information:

If your student transitioned from middle school to high school, the morning bus information is the same. However, the afternoon bus information could be different. Please contact the transportation department at 362-1023, for the afternoon information.

When contacting the transportation department, please have the following information ready:

Your student’s name Your address Your student’s grade or school Return phone number or email

Winter Safety Tips

Winter and snow covered roads and streets are just around the corner and these are the type of conditions that require extra care by all who use them. This is especially true for the school buses and the students who ride them.

Students should make sure that they are at the bus stop on time, stay back from the edge of the street, and be careful entering and exiting the bus with snow covered shoes and slippery steps.

Other motorists should be especially cautious when passing or approaching stopped buses. The streets will be slippery and it will take more time and distance to stop. A slower speed is always a good idea.

A final suggestion that the LPCSC Transportation Department makes is for the students riding on the school bus for a long time, parents should make sure students are dressed warm enough for the weather conditions. The short wait at the bus stop can turn into a much longer time if the weather and road conditions have delayed the bus and if something should occur on the route, especially in the rural areas, it might be a longer wait until another bus can get to the location.