602 F Street La Porte, IN 46350
Phone: (219) 362-3102
Fax: (219) 324-2142
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Administration OfficeThe administration of LaPorte High School is comprised of six administrators who have the task of ensuring the education of about 1,900 students within the school. These administrators are responsible for enforcing the education of the young minds within the school and molding them into members of society that can achieve much and propel us into the future. Rules and policies are enforced by these select few to promote a healthy atmosphere in which to learn.


Ben TonagelBen Tonagel

Position: Principal
Responsibilities: Supervise the overall operations of this school including, but not limited to, curriculum, maintenance, faculty and personnel, building and grounds, student and community relations, supervision, safety, school and professional self-assessment, etc.

Scott UppScott Upp

Position: Associate Principal
Education: Southwest Missouri University, Indiana University of South Bend, and Indiana University of Northwest
Sports Played: Baseball
Responsibilities: Guidance Program, Night School, Teacher Evaluations, State Reports DOE-CP DOE-304 ADM & ADA, Commencement, ISTEP and GQE, Program Coordinator, Assist Principal With, curriculum and instruction freshman academy, professional development, Building and Security, Trimester Procedures, Lunch Period, and Department Chair.

Christopher Alber

Christopher Alber

Position: Assistant Principal
Responsibilities: Teacher Evaluations, Project E.D., Student Recognition Programs, Freshman Orientation, Winter Parents Night, Academic Award Programs, and Department chair.

Candace SchaferCandace Schafer

Position: Assistant Principal
Responsibilities Attendence, discipline, Project ED, chair Art and Consumer Dept's,
P/T Conferences, supervise Sport and Music events, teacher evaluations, Academic Awards Night, Pride Banquet, Lunch Duty.

Office Staff

Donna CamposDonna Campos

Position: Secretary to the Principal
Education: LaPorte High School
Hobbies: Spending time with her family.
Responsibilities: Mr. Handel's appointments; assist with projects as assigned by Mr. Handel; general office and receptionist duties relative to the Principal's Office; scheduling substitute teachers.

Roberta Rice Roberta Rice

Position: Secretary/ Receptionist
Education: Graduate of LaPorte High School
Responsibilities: The main office; greeting and directing visitors, the staff and the students; the phone systems; making copies for the entire school; general receptionist duties.

TraciTraci Kling

Position: Student Services Secretary
Education: Bethel College and Purdue North Central
Hobbies: Attending Cub games, spending time with family and friends, Bible studies/Church activities and trips to Chicago.
Responsibilities: Keeping the book and fine fee's at LPHS; Assist the Vice-principals and Dean of Students.


Linda Nulf Linda Nulf

Position: Treasurer/Bookstore
Education: LPHS, PNC, background in the dental field.
Sports Played: Women did not have sports when I was in school, but we had the Girl's Athletic Association (considered a club). In the Association I played Intra-mural sports and gymnastics, dance, and women's softball. Also choreographed for nonprofit theater and school corporations.
Hobbies: Gardening, dancing, and collecting Longaberger Baskets and teddy bears.
Responsibilities: Manages the bookstore and serves as the LPHS treasurer and bookkeeper.