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  • 4th Grade Crichfield teacher, Marty Briggs, accepting his Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics
  • Homecoming Pep Rally!
  • Indian Trail Goodwill Ambassadors
  • Mill Creek Lions Club gives dictionaries to Indian Trail 3rd grade classes each year
  • The Indian Trail PTA provided funds for the construction of the new pavilion on the playground!
  • Brentwood residents work with preschool students at Indian Trail
  • La Porte firefighters visited LPHS pre-school
  • Kingsford Heights students received backpacks from American Licorice
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  • Elementary Track Meet
  • Team celebration!
  • New Sign at Kesling Middle School!
  • Rededication ceremony of Kiwanis Field
  • School Board President, Mike Kellems, speaks during the Kiwanis Field rededication ceremony
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  • WBMS morning announcers getting ready for the day!
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  • Students in the VLA lab
  • KMS Football!
  • Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!
Print this articleWhat Is A Slicer?
Check out the latest youtube video from the LPHS Yearbook on What Is A Slicer.
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What Is A Slicer

Print this articleA School Bus Can Be A Traveling Classroom

The following article was written by a LPCSC bus driver and was published in the latest edition of NEA Today:

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What I’ve Learned: A School Bus Can Be a Traveling Classroom

May 6, 2014 by twalker  
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Educators may spend their careers preparing lessons, but often the most memorable are those they learn themselves.  With that in mind, NEA Today asked school staff –  everyone from classroom teachers and bus drivers to guidance counselors and school nurses – to share the everyday lessons they’ve picked up along the way in a series called “What I’ve Learned.”

Mickey Brady is a bus driver for the La Porte Community School Corporation in La Porte, Indiana, and a graduate of NEA’s Leaders of Tomorrow program. These are the lessons she’s she’s learned after more than two decades behind the wheel.

What I’ve Learned: A School Bus Can Be a Traveling Classroom

By Mickey Brady

I have learned that school bus drivers are more than just drivers – they provide a lot more than transportation to school kids.  I am privileged to drive a school bus, and early on in my career I realized what an important profession I had chosen.  Bus drivers are the first and last school contact that students have each and every school day.  We, as drivers, have the responsibility of ensuring that our students not only arrive safe and sound at their schools but also ready, willing and excited to learn the day’s lessons.  After school is dismissed, our students return to us, eager to share the events of the day.  We celebrate their successes, downplay their failures and then send them off to their homes with, “Have a good night, I’ll see you in the morning!”

I have learned that a school bus is a traveling classroom where a great deal of learning takes place.  Drivers practice spelling words, give math quizzes, help with homework, answer all sorts of questions, encourage reading, and teach politeness and good manners.

I have learned to never underestimate the power a smile or a few words of praise can have in the lives of our students.

I have learned to treat each student as the unique individual that they truly are. If you recognize and acknowledge how special they are in their own way, they will thrive.

I have learned that Education Support Professionals are, in fact, educators. It takes every single one of us in the education profession, working together, to develop a well-rounded, well educated, successful student.

Print this articlePublic Service Announcement

With the start of the school year, the La Porte Community School Corporation would like to remind drivers to exercise caution in school zones and areas of high foot traffic. We would also encourage drivers to be attentive and abide by the state laws concerning buses that are loading and unloading students.

Students are the most precious commodity in our community. We owe it to our future leaders to be cautious when driving and be patient, as well. We encourage drivers to obey the laws that are made to protect our students and we ask that drivers take that extra step to be aware of their surroundings, lessen the distractions inside of the car, and keep their focus on the road.

Indiana law requires all vehicles to come to a complete stop when a school bus has extended the stop arm. Additionally, speed limits drop in school zones. Drivers should also realize that school buses will make a full and complete stop at all railroad crossings, as required by law. By being aware of and following the law, we can dramatically reduce the risk to our students, as they travel to and from school.

Members of our transportation team and our bus drivers make student safety their number one priority, when transporting students. In order for each trip to be safe, we ask that our citizens practice safe driving skills when on the road. We transport thousands of students to and from school each day; hundreds more walk to school. In order for safety to prevail, we must all work together to ensure a safe trip to and from school.


Michael Kellems, LPCSC Board President

Mark Francesconi, LPCSC Superintendent

Print this articleCollege and Career Ready Standards

Please click on link for information regarding College and Career Ready Standards

College & Career Ready Standards

Print this article2014-2015 Immunization Requirements

Please click on the link below for the immunization requirements for the 2014-2015 School Year.

2014-2015 School Immunization Requirements

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