LPCSC Support Services Department supports the District's teachers, staff members and administrators in their efforts to provide a quality education for approximately 6300 students. This support comes in many forms, but is primarily related to the provision of custodial, maintenance, transportation and construction services. There have been numerous studies performed regarding the impact these services can have on a student's achievement. While a poor environment will affect a student's performance negatively, the converse is also true. In that way we can make a difference by providing a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment, which is conducive to the educational process.

LPCSC Support Services Department does exactly what its title suggests. It provides services to support the LaPorte Community School Corporation in any way or manner found to be beneficial to the children of our District. School administrators are caught in a squeeze when it comes to the appearance and safety of their school buildings. The demand for clean, healthy school buildings has never been greater. The public is growing more sensitive by the day about everything from germs to intruders, and school buildings and buses are experiencing more exposure with increased usage. Although the challenges are becoming more difficult with each year, the department will continue to draw from all available resources to succeed in meeting those challenges.

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205 Rumely Street La Porte, IN 46350

Phone: (219) 362-7145 Fax: (219) 362-1358

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Parent Pesticide Notification Form

The LaPorte Community School Corporation is committed to providing students a safe environment which prevents children from being exposed to pests and pesticides.

Our Maintenance Department practices Integrated Pest Management techniques, which call for non-chemical treatment for pest control whenever practical. With few exceptions, pesticides will not be applied during normal instructional hours when school is in session. Fertilizers and weed-control products may be applied during instructional hours provided the area is not immediately adjacent to student-occupied buildings.

Parents who wish to receive advance notice of all pesticide applications should click on the following link to access the Request for Notification of Pesticide Applications form. Please print this document, read it carefully, and return the completed form to the school office.

Request for Notification of Pesticide Applications

LPCSC Air Quality Management Plan

The health, comfort, and learning environment of students and staff are important aspects of LaPorte Community School Corporation's mission. Working with EPA and their IAQ Tools for Schools program, we developed an IAQ Management Plan that will help monitor and improve the quality of air in school buildings. Click on the following link to access a copy of this plan.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ Management Plan