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  • Science3Our Science Olympiad teams made it to state! Congratulations Boston Middle School teams, and good luck at state!
  • Science1Our Science Olympiad teams made it to state! Congratulations Boston Middle School teams, and good luck at state!
  • Science2Our Science Olympiad teams made it to state! Congratulations Boston Middle School teams, and good luck at state!
  • Science4Our Science Olympiad teams made it to state! Congratulations Boston Middle School teams, and good luck at state!
  • circle state with songCircle the State with Song
  • 2018-19 life skills class2018-2019 Life Skills Class
  • coffee2_1Builders Club hosted a Coffee with a Cop event. Students and officers enjoyed a breakfast together and officers were thanked for their work in our community.
  • boys8th grade visit to Oakwood Manor. Students and residents made fall wreaths and students got to learn about life way back when.
  • boys38th grade visit to Oakwood Manor. Students and residents made fall wreaths and students got to learn about life way back when.
  • winning team8th grade tourney champions!
Mrs. Deborah Carter

Mrs. Deborah Carter
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Mrs. Lisa Marks

Mrs. Lisa Marks
Assistant Principal
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Welcome to Boston Middle School where we are committed to providing all students with learning opportunities that will allow them to develop their full potential and pursue excellence in a safe and positive environment. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know the parents and the students through classrooms, athletics, academic teams, and musical activities. Please feel free to contact us at Boston Middle School with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Print this articleeLearning Information

For information on eLearning and to view our eLearning guide, please visit our eLearning page by cllcking the eLearning link at the top of our website or by clicking here.

Print this articleDevice Checkout for E-Learning Day

If you would like for your child to checkout a Chrome book to take home for our next E-Learning day (March 18, 2019), please fill out the attached form and return it to school.  Your child can give the completed form to their TA teacher.  

If you would like to fill out the form electronically, it can be found through Family Access in Skyward.  

If you already filled out the form for our 1st E-Learning day, you DO NOT need to fill out the form again.

The deadline for completed forms to be turned in is March 4, 2019.

Attached documentChromebook checkout form

Print this articleSnow Day Make-up

Due to the many days that we have not been in session due to snow/ice/cold, right now the last student day for this year is scheduled for June 4, 2019.  


LPCSC will be using Good Friday as an eLearning make up day.  The date is Friday, April 19, 2019.  Teachers and students will not be reporting to school on that day.  Details will be coming out regarding the eLearning directions for the day.  With this make-up day the end of the year schedule now calls for students to be attending classes through the 4th of June and teachers through the 5th of June.  This is all subject to change, of course, should additional weather cancellations be necessary.  

Print this article8th grade dance

The 8th grade dance is Friday, May 24, 2019, 6:30-8:30pm.  Please see the attached list of rules and expectations for attending the dance.

Attached document8th grade dance info

Print this articleUna Noche Con Las Damas

Please see the attached flyer about this event.  We will have a panel of successful Hispanic women (local and regional) who will discuss what it takes to be successful in our community and beyond.  Panelists will share their personal stories and answer questions from the audience.  The event is for moms and daughters from grades 7-12.  It will be held at Boston Middle School on March 26, 2019 from 6:00 pm -8:00 pm.


Por favor vea el folleto adjunto.  Tendremos un panel de mujeres hispanas exitosas (locales y regionales) que hablaran sobre lo que se necesita para tener exito en nuestra comunidad y mas alla.  Los panelistas compartiran sus historias personales y responderan a las preguntas de las audiencia.  El evento es para mamas y hijas do los grados 7-12.  Se llevara a cabo en Boston Middle School el 26 de marzo de 2019 de 6:00 pm a 8:00 pm.


Attached documentUna Noche Con Las Damas

Print this articleTextbook Rental Fee Reminder

Parents, just a reminder that fees are due no later than May 24, 2019.  Any book rental not paid by this date, will be turned over to collections with additional fees added.  

There have been two statements sent out, with a third that will be sent out soon.  The fourth and final statement (for those who have not paid) will be sent in April, at least 30 days prior to sending to collections.

Print this articleBreakfast

Breakfast is served in all buildings 30 minutes before school starts!


Elementary - FREE

Secondary - $1.50


Print this articleLearn and Grow Together

Join the La Porte County Special Education department on February 28 OR March 25 for information and activities that can help you and your child.  Please see the flyer below for more detailed information.  

Attached documentLearn and Grow flyer

Print this articleI-LEARN

Please click on the links for information from the Indiana Department of Education:

* How is Indiana building a system of assessments?

* How is Indiana assessing with technology?

* How does I-LEARN dig deeper into knowledge and skills?

* Writing on the I-LEARN assessment.

* Mathematics Process Skills on the I-LEARN Assessment

Print this articleI am not my disability!

Please join us April 11, 2019 in the LPHS Performing Arts Center from 6:00-7:00 PM (CST).  Our speaker will be Marc Elliot, who will speak about "I am not my disability."  Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Attached documentMarc Elliot flyer

Print this articleNo-Cost Dental Opportunity

Please see the attached flyer about No-Cost dental opportunities taking place Tuesday, February 19, 2019 from 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM at HeathLinc Michigan City.

Attached documentFree Dental Exam Information

Print this articleAfter School Success Program

Do you want a quiet place to do homework after school?

Do you need/want some help with your homework?


Come to the After School Success Program!


Starts on December 4, 2018.

3 days each week,  after school until 4:15.

Busses available:

     Tuesday - Crichfield area

     Wednesday - Handley/Lincoln area

     Thursday - Riley area

Walkers and those being picked up are WELCOME to come EVERYDAY of the program.


**Sign ups are required each week in TA through the After School Success Google Classroom**

Attached documentTeacher Form

Print this articleILEARN information

Please see the attached page for ILEARN information.

Attached documentILEARN info

Print this articleState Mandated Curriculum Consent

Parents, on July 1, 2018 the state passed Senate Bill 65 which requires parent consent to curriculum addressing human sexuality.  We have listed this information for you on Parent Access in Skyward.  Please log in to your Skyward account (contact the school if you have not set up an account), go to Parent Access and follow the link on the home page of Parent Access indicating that there is a new form that needs to be completed.  The form is available through the "Online Forms" tab on the left side of the Parent Access screen.  If you have more than one child, a form must be completed and submitted for each child.  Please do not hesitate to contact me personally at Boston or through email if you have any questions regarding Senate Bill 65.  

Deb Carter

Print this articleSchool Fees

The school fees for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:


6th grade:  $244.00

7th grade:  $244.00

8th grade:  $255.00


Print this article2018-2019 Meal Prices

Breakfast:  $1.25

Lunch:  $2.05

2nd Lunch:  $2.30

Extra Milk:  $0.45


Print this article2018-2019 School Supply List

Here is the school supply list for the 2018-2019 school year:


Attached documentSchool Supply List

Print this articleVolunteer Criminal History Form
Print this articleNew Family Vacation Policy

If you are planning on taking your child out of school for 3 or more consecutive days for a vacation/trip, please see the attached policy.  

Attached documentVacation/Trip Policy

Print this articleSubstance Abuse Resources

Please see the attached press release to find some valuable resources.

Attached documentResources and Information!

Print this articleExtra Curricular Events Behavior Expectations
Print this articleBMS 2017-2018 Dress Code

Please read the dress code.  There have been a few changes that you may want to be aware of.

Attached document2017-18 Dress Code

Print this articleBMS School expectations
Expectations for Breakfast and Before/After School at BMS:
  • Breakfast opens each school day at 7:25am
  • Students going to breakfast must purchase food.  You cannot bring food from
    home to eat in our cafeteria for breakfast.
  • Students eating breakfast must clean their table!
  • Students eating breakfast need to remember that no food or silverware can
    leave the lunchroom.  This includes bottled water.
  • Students eating breakfast cannot leave the cafeteria until the bell rings.
  • Students eating breakfast are not allowed to wear hats. 
  • When listening to headphones, please only use one earbud so you can hear
    supervisors in case of an emergency. 
  • Students not following breakfast rules, will not be allowed to eat breakfast
    in the cafeteria.
School Opens at 7:35am:
  • Students cannot enter the building prior to 7:35am unless you are going to
    breakfast or dropping off your instrument. 
  • If a student wants to see a teacher before school, you must have prior
    permission and pass from that teacher the day before.
  • You MUST ask a supervisor to enter school before 7:35am.  This
    includes students wishing to use the restroom, students visiting the office, and
    even students taking projects or items to a teacher.
  • When we have bad weather, students can enter the building early ONLY when a
    supervisor gives permission to do so. 
  • Prior to and after school, students are expected to stand on the sidewalk
    and pavement areas.  Please stay off the GRASS! 
  • Please remember that energy drinks, soda, and coffee drinks are not allowed
    on school property. 
  • Students who arrive at BMS prior to school cannot leave for the gas station
    or anywhere without permission.  Once you arrive...you need to stay.
School Ends at 2:35pm:
  • Students exiting the building at the end of the day need to be careful and
    not run.
  • Students outside the building MUST be waiting for a ride home.  You cannot
    "hang out" after school if you are waiting. 
  • Students need to Stay off the GRASS after school. 
    Please use the sidewalks. 
  • Students walking home need to be very careful in crossing a street.  Never
    run in front of cars or busses.  Please make sure you look both ways.
  • Students walking home need to be respectful to students.  School rules apply
    from our school all the way to your house. 
  • Students walking home need to be respectful to our neighbors.  Please do not
    walk in other people's yards.  It is illegal and considered trespassing. 
  • Students walking home should walk with a friend to be safe.   If you have
    any concerns about being safe before, during, or after school, tell a staff
**BMS students always represent Boston Middle School here and away from
school.  All our rules are in place to make it safer for everyone.  Please show
others how great BMS students are! 
Print this articleLPCSC Online information/Meals
Please check out the Application for Free or Reduced Meals.These applications need to be submitted on line.   Free/Reduced meal form 

Check the BMS site and http://www.lpcsc.k12.in.us/ for updated information.

Print this articleWe Love Volunteers!

If you would like to help at BMS this school year, please fill out the attached form and return it to the school. Thank you so much.

Attached documentWe love volunteers

Print this articleExtra Curricular Groups/Clubs

We have many various groups and clubs to join here at BMS.  Check out the list!

Attached documentGroups/Clubs

Print this articleRose-Hulman's Homework Hotline

Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline provides FREE math and science homework help to Indiana students in grades 6-12. Students may contact the Homework Hotline from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time), September through May toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE or online at www.AskRose.org.

More informationAsk Rose

Print this articleHELP U93 STOP CHILD ABUSE 1-800-853-KIDS
Core Values
We believe…
  • All students are entitled to a quality education.
  • The middle school philosophy addresses the cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs of all adolescents.
  • Decisions will be information and data based in the best interest of the students.
  • Accountability for student achievement is critical.
  • A collaborative team approach is essential to ensure high performance.
  • Staff should be valued and be encouraged to develop professionally.
  • The learning environment must be safe and orderly.
  • Parents and community members are an integral and valued part of the educational process.
  • Diversity is an asset that is to be valued and respected.

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7:45 am – 2:35 pm

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