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Phone: 219-326-6930
Fax: 219-324-7108

Principal : Deborah Carter
Assistant Principal: Andrew Merritt
Safe School Hotlines
  • Pioneer Village 1BMS 8th graders helped prepare a community garden at the LP Fairgrounds.
  • Pioneer Village 2BMS 8th graders helped prepare a community garden at the LP Fairgrounds.
  • Pioneer Village 3BMS 8th graders helped prepare a community garden at the LP Fairgrounds.
  • Pioneer Village 6BMS 8th graders helped prepare a community garden at the LP Fairgrounds.
  • Pioneer Village 5BMS 8th graders helped prepare a community garden at the LP Fairgrounds.
  • Pioneer Village 4BMS 8th graders helped prepare a community garden at the LP Fairgrounds.
Mrs. Deborah Carter

Mrs. Deborah Carter
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Mr. Andrew Merritt

Mr. Andrew Merritt
Assistant Principal
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Welcome to Boston Middle School where we are committed to providing all students with learning opportunities that will allow them to develop their full potential and pursue excellence in a safe and positive environment. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get to know the parents and the students through classrooms, athletics, academic teams, and musical activities. Please feel free to contact us at Boston Middle School with any questions, comments, or concerns.
Print this articleSummer Resources for LPCSC Students

Here is a list of various resources for our students/families in case you need help over summer break.

Attached documentSummer Safety Resources

Print this articleSupply Lists 2017-2018

If you would like to get a head start on school supply shopping for next year, check out the supply lists below.

Attached document2017-2018 Supply Lists

Print this articleBMS Dress Code

An important announcement regarding the dress code -particularly the part about shorts and skirts needing to be finger-tip length or longer.  This is also the rule during gym class.  Those who chooses to break the dress code for the remainder of this school year, will not be attending field day

Print this articleSidewalk Improvement Plan

Some sidewalks around our area are being replaced/fixed.  See the attached document to see the city's plan for the work to be done.

Attached documentSidewalk Plan

Print this articleAnnouncements ~ May 25
Print this articleRock the Block ~ August 2 ~ LP Civic Center
Rock the Block LP
Back to school rally from 3:30 - 6:30 P.M.
There will be free school items for students in grades Pre-K through 12, as well as music, door prizes, and other community organizations' booths.
Parents are asked to registered in advance and can begin registering NOW! ...however if a parent does not register in advance, students may still attend. Early registration will help the sponsors better prepare for the event.

Attached documentRock the Block

Print this articleStrengthening Families ~ Free Resource

FREE program with specific activities to help parents learn skills to support and guide their children. Youth learn skills including building a healthy future, learning apppreciation for their parents, and building skills for dealing with stress and peer pressure. 

Attached documentStrengthening Families

Print this article8th Grade Dance ~ May 19 ~ Guidelines

8th Grade Dance ~ 6:30-8:30 ~ BMS Cafeteria

          With the dance only a few months away we would like to let you know what is expected in attendance, attire, and behavior.

  • Any student who is planning on attending the dance must be in attendance the entire school day to be eligible to attend the dance.
  • Attire for the dance: for boys: no tuxes, no jeans or shorts, no tee shirts; for girls: no mini skirts or shorts, no strapless dresses, no prom formals. We would like to make this a dance that everyone feels comfortable in attending. We would like to see our young men and women dressed in nice clothes, a nice pair of pants, shirt and tie or suit coat for the young men. For the young women a nice dress that is not floor length. Please save the “prom look” for those high school years.
  • As this is an 8th grade dance, not a formal dance, we would appreciate limos not being used for this occasion.
  • This dance is held for 8th grade BMS students only. There is no charge to attend. Photos will be available at the dance for a small charge that evening.
  • Students not following these guidelines will be asked to leave the premises.
  • This dance is a celebration of middle school success, graduating, and completing eighth grade course work. Students failing two or more academic class the second semester (grading period three and/or four) will not be allowed to attend this event
  • Nine weeks (March 6th) prior to the date of the dance a student cannot have three disciplinary incidents.  Students cannot be placed in full day ISS, assigned OSS or be assigned to Project E.D., during this time period. All students who have been in Project E.D., or are currently in Project E.D., may attend unless they receive one or more additional days in Project E.D.  “When a student is sent to in-school suspension (ISS, being removed from one class period), each removal counts as an incident.  Students must be in attendance in every class the day of the dance. Those students who have three disciplinary incidents will not be allowed to attend this special dance for 8th graders.”
Print this articleWork Ethic Opportunities

Attention Work Ethic students.  Remember you need community service hours.  A good time to help others out and get credit for community service is over our Holiday Break.  Talk to your parents, your teachers, your counselors, or anyone on ideas on how to fulfill this obligation.  We have community service forms in the Principal's Office if you need any.  See Mr. Merritt with questions. 

Print this articlePTSA ~ Welcome form


Boston Middle School PTSA will have 2 meeting times for the same agenda, trying to make meeting times convenient for parents and teachers. Please chose one meeting time and get involved with your child's school.

Attached documentPTSA join

Print this articleDigital Citizenship

Lessons learned in Digital Citizenship class with Mr. Stevenson; permission to use content of Nine Elements provided by  Mike Ribble <mribble@yahoo.com

Attached documentDigital Citizenship

Print this articleChange in procedure for Visitors entering BMS

This change is for volunteers that with to enter BMS beyond the office doors  to volunteer in classrooms and/or to work with students. Parents may still drop off/pick up students or drop off itmes for students without following the Raptor procedure.

Attached documentParent Raptor Letter

Print this articleLPCSC Calendar for 2016-2017
Print this article2016-2017 Book Rental & Meal Prices

Book Rental:      August 9, 2016 will be our initial collecting date. Please pay at the main office.

6th grade - $251.00             7th grade - $252.00               8th grade - $264.00

Middle School Meals:               

Breakfast - $1.25                 Lunch - $2.05                         Milk - $ .45

Free and Reduced applications will be available on line 

Print this article2016-2017 Sports

 All sport participants MUST have a sports physical and insurance BEFORE any practice begins. The   necessary forms are available in the Principal’s Office or on Boston's Web page.

Print this articleAcademic, Arts and Social Opportunities at BMS

Show Choir ~ Jazz Band ~ LPHS Marching Band ~ Honors Band ~ Poms (8th Grade) ~ Future Problem Solvers ~ Lead and Seed ~ Student Council ~ Science Club ~ Math Counts ~ Science Olympiad ~ Social Studies Academic Club ~ Language Arts Academic Club ~ Spell Bowl ~ Spelling Bee ~ Stage Crew ~ Art Club ~ Recycle Club ~ Computer Club ~ Fun Nights

Print this articleLibraries 360

Libraries 360 is a cooperative effort of the La Porte County Public Library and the La Porte Community School Corporation with a goal to improve and enhance school libraries and ease access to public library resources. Students may borrow items from the public library and have them delivered to the school. They may also return public library items to the school library. Students will be issued a library card, making public library resources accessible and available to them. The La Porte County Public Library will access student directory information to create and maintain the library account. All lost and damaged items will be billed at the regular library rates and must be reimbursed to the La Porte County Public Library. Please contact Boston Principal Office Administrative Assistant Ashley Kubik (326-6930) if you wish to exclude your child from the Library 360 program.

Print this articleLPCSC Anti-Harassment Statement

By going to the following link, you will be directed to NEOLA, where you may view the updated Anti-Harassment Policies numbered 1662, 3362, 4362, and 5517.

Copies are available in the main office and in the counselors office.  Hard copies were sent home with students, Thursday November 5, 2015.

More informationLPCSC Anti-Harassment policy

Attached documentAnti-Harassment Statement

Print this articleHPV vaccine information

For parents of 6th grade students, from the Indiana Department of Health, regarding the HPV vaccine, English and Spanish versions

Attached documentHPV information letter


Please read the attached brochure from our Food Service department. Many changes are taking place that will affect the types of foods brought in to our building.

Eating Lunch with your student(s): NO fast food or pop/soda. A note or phone call to the school must be received by 9 a.m. in order to eat with your child. If you are purchasing a hot lunch, you may NOT pay for it with your child's lunch account.

Birthday Celebrations: Please refer to the Healthy Foods List. Only foods listed on the Healthy Foods List will be allowed in the building. No exceptions.


Attached documentMaking Healthy Choices

Print this articleWe Love Volunteers!

If you would like to help at BMS this school year, please fill out the attached form and return it to the school. Thank you so much.

Attached documentWe love volunteers

Print this articleVolunteer Background Check form

In order to volunteer, make classroom visits, or help with fun night supervision at Boston Middle School, La Porte Community School Corporation requires a Volunteer Criminal History.  You will need to complete this volunteer background form in its entirety and return it to our school, before you will be allowed to volunteer or attend functions in any capacity.  Unless you hear otherwise, you will be approved to serve as a volunteer for the 2015-16 school year.  Thank you for your involvement in our school. 

Attached documentBackground Check 8 15

Print this articleLPCSC Online information/Meals
Please check out the Application for Free or Reduced Meals.These applications need to be submitted on line.   Free/Reduced meal form 

Check the BMS site and http://www.lpcsc.k12.in.us/ for updated information.

Print this articleBMS School expectations
Expectations for Breakfast and Before/After School at BMS:
  • Breakfast opens each school day at 7:25am
  • Students going to breakfast must purchase food.  You cannot bring food from
    home to eat in our cafeteria for breakfast.
  • Students eating breakfast must clean their table!
  • Students eating breakfast need to remember that no food or silverware can
    leave the lunchroom.  This includes bottled water.
  • Students eating breakfast cannot leave the cafeteria until the bell rings.
  • Students eating breakfast are not allowed to wear hats. 
  • When listening to headphones, please only use one earbud so you can hear
    supervisors in case of an emergency. 
  • Students not following breakfast rules, will not be allowed to eat breakfast
    in the cafeteria.
School Opens at 7:35am:
  • Students cannot enter the building prior to 7:35am unless you are going to
    breakfast or dropping off your instrument. 
  • If a student wants to see a teacher before school, you must have prior
    permission and pass from that teacher the day before.
  • You MUST ask a supervisor to enter school before 7:35am.  This
    includes students wishing to use the restroom, students visiting the office, and
    even students taking projects or items to a teacher.
  • When we have bad weather, students can enter the building early ONLY when a
    supervisor gives permission to do so. 
  • Prior to and after school, students are expected to stand on the sidewalk
    and pavement areas.  Please stay off the GRASS! 
  • Please remember that energy drinks, soda, and coffee drinks are not allowed
    on school property. 
  • Students who arrive at BMS prior to school cannot leave for the gas station
    or anywhere without permission.  Once you arrive...you need to stay.
School Ends at 2:35pm:
  • Students exiting the building at the end of the day need to be careful and
    not run.
  • Students outside the building MUST be waiting for a ride home.  You cannot
    "hang out" after school if you are waiting. 
  • Students need to Stay off the GRASS after school. 
    Please use the sidewalks. 
  • Students walking home need to be very careful in crossing a street.  Never
    run in front of cars or busses.  Please make sure you look both ways.
  • Students walking home need to be respectful to students.  School rules apply
    from our school all the way to your house. 
  • Students walking home need to be respectful to our neighbors.  Please do not
    walk in other people's yards.  It is illegal and considered trespassing. 
  • Students walking home should walk with a friend to be safe.   If you have
    any concerns about being safe before, during, or after school, tell a staff
**BMS students always represent Boston Middle School here and away from
school.  All our rules are in place to make it safer for everyone.  Please show
others how great BMS students are! 
Print this articleChange in Core 40 Diploma
Print this articleBox Tops for Education = New BMS Welcome Sign
BoxTop for edu

BMS is having a collection contest. Clean out your kitchen drawers and snip them from boxes in your cupboards - then send them to school with your children!

More informationBoxTop Participants

Print this articleAnti Bullying Awareness - Indirect Bullying
Print this article21st Century Scholars
21st century scholars

Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars is a needs- and performance-based program that provides students the opportunity to earn up to a four-year scholarship at an Indiana college or university. 
Hoosier students who meet income criteria can enroll during their 7th- or 8th-grade year of middle school. Students commit to maintaining academic success, remaining drug and alcohol free, and completing college-preparation activities. 
Scholars are provided resources and assistance to help them plan and prepare for college and pay for expenses not covered by their scholarship.  

More information21st Century Scholars

Print this articleHELP U93 STOP CHILD ABUSE 1-800-853-KIDS
Print this articleMyLocker ~ The Place to order BMS Spirit Wear
Print this articleRose-Hulman's Homework Hotline
RoseHulman logo

Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline provides FREE math and science homework help to Indiana students in grades 6-12. Students may contact the Homework Hotline from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time), September through May toll-free at 1-877-ASK-ROSE or online at www.AskRose.org.

More informationAsk Rose

Print this articleBoxtops for Education

Did you think you could quit saving those boxtops just because your child is in middle school? Think again. . . we are still collecting them; they work in all grade levels!!

Core Values
We believe…
  • All students are entitled to a quality education.
  • The middle school philosophy addresses the cognitive, emotional, physical and social needs of all adolescents.
  • Decisions will be information and data based in the best interest of the students.
  • Accountability for student achievement is critical.
  • A collaborative team approach is essential to ensure high performance.
  • Staff should be valued and be encouraged to develop professionally.
  • The learning environment must be safe and orderly.
  • Parents and community members are an integral and valued part of the educational process.
  • Diversity is an asset that is to be valued and respected.

School Hours

Student Day
7:45 am – 2:35 pm

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