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Work Ethic Program

The Center for Workforce Innovations was selected by Indiana Workforce Development to pilot this program for students from 11 local high schools.  Criteria for the certification were based on overall grade point average, attendance, community service, organization, punctuality, respectfulness, and teamwork.  Upon program completion, students were awarded certificates signed by Governor Daniels, validating for future employers that they successfully displayed strong work habits that will foster success in higher education and the workplace.

Work Ethic Schools included:

  • George Rogers Clark Middle/High School
  • Knox Community High School
  • Portage High School
  • AK Smith Area Career Center
  • Hammond Area Career Center
  • La Porte High School
  • South Central High School
  • Calumet High School
  • Hanover Central High School
  • Michigan City High School
  • Wheeler High School

La Porte Community School Corporation To Present At NSBA 67th Annual Conference

Former Associate Superintendent for La Porte Community School Corporation Dr. Dennis Shawver, was pleased to announce that our proposal entitled Student WorkEthic Certification:  “How to Guarantee Students are Prepared to Face the Challenge of a Global Marketplace” was recently accepted by the National School Board Association as a topic for presentation at their 67th Annual Conference to be held April 14-17, 2007 in San Francisco.

Dr. Shawver explained that the State of Indiana and La Porte High School award a WorkEthic Certificate to high school juniors and seniors who have met the established certificate criteria.  The certificate will serve as validation to employers that those students possessing this credential have successfully demonstrated basic work readiness.  One of the fundamental goals of Indiana and La Porte High School is to produce an emerging workforce that is prepared to face the challenges of a global marketplace.

The LPCSC Board of School Trustees was instrumental in encouraging the initiation of the process to establish the program for students in grades eleven and twelve at our high school.  A number of students in grades eleven and twelve were recognized for meeting the established criteria by the Board at their regularly scheduled meeting in May of 2006. 

In addition, LPCSC has been working closely with our local Chamber of Commerce and employers to promote the understanding and value of the receipt of this certificate by our students and to clearly express to perspective employers that our graduates have the credentials to enter the workplace possessing strong work habits that will foster success in both higher education and immediate employment after high school graduation.

The steps for development and the lessons that will be learned by students are as follows:

  • Participation among juniors and seniors will be left to the discretion of our high school.  Students will declare their intention to participate by signing a Letter of Intent.  Participants who meet the established criteria will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the end of the school year.  The WorkEthic certificate will be awarded to each successful student.
  • The ten criteria have been established by employers and educators to determine eligibility for the WorkEthic Certificate.  These criteria are based on attendance, community service, overall grade point average, organization, punctuality, respectfulness, and teamwork.  Four of the criteria will require a teacher’s signature to serve as evidence that the student displays those qualities on a consistent basis.
  • Foundational Levels:
    • 1st year participants
      • A Gold level certificate indicates a score of 92% or above
      • A Blue level certificate indicates a score of 82% and greater, but less than 92%
    • 2nd year participants
      • A Gold level certificate indicates a score of 95% or above
      • A Blue level certificate indicates a score of 85% and greater, but less than 95%
  • Students Should:
    • Keep the standards in mind at all times
    • Strive to complete 12 hours of community service
    • Ensure they arrive at school and classes on time
    • Make every effort to attend school and classes everyday
    • Be respectful and cooperative to students, teachers, and administrators
    • Do their best when completing assignments
  • Lessons Learned:
    • Recognize the value of a WorkEthic Certificate signed by the Governor
    • Awareness of work ethic components
    • Provide an opportunity to model the work ethic components
    • Develop a sense of awareness of the importance of being prepared for the demands of the 21st century workforce and higher education
    • Utilize the certificate to their advantage on resumes, college applications, and at job interviews
  • Employers:
    • Community employers add credibility to the certificate process by insuring students who have earned certificates are interviewed and recommended for employment if qualifications are equal to other applicants.

La Porte Community School Corporation is looking forward to sharing our Snap of Success with the WorkEthic Program to interested parties in attendance at our session scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2007 from 1:30pm to 2:45pm in the Moscone Convention Center.