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LaPorte Educational Development Foundation

The mission of the Foundation is to enrich the lives of students in LaPorte Community Schools by providing support and resources to enhance educational experiences.

Print this articleCongratulations to our 2019 Teach Grant Winners!
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 Bethany Smith - Boston Middle School - STEM Kits

Jeanette James-Raymond - Preschool at LPHS - Big Science for Little Learners

Laura Fritzen, Karne, Menke, and Sabra Rodriguez - Kingsbury Elementary - Thinking Outside the Box

Christine Taylor - La Porte High School - Thinkng Outside the Box

Sara Atkinson - Kesling Middle School - Its Time to Get Makey!

Ashleigh Trumble and Pam Fritzen - Hailmann Elementary - Coding, Coding, and more Coding

Sara Bohle - Kingsford Heights Elementary - STEM Club

Claudia Williams - Kesling Middle School - Project Merge

Cathy Bradley - Indian Trail Elementary - The Library Steams in the 21st Century

Katie Talbert - Crichfield Elementary - We Will Makey Makey STEM Learning Fun

Liz Kirk - Riley and Kingsbury Elementary - Ukuleles in the Music Room 

Dana Sass, Kristen O'Dell, Marcia Aragon, and Shelly Otwinowski - Lincoln Elementary - Lincoln's Breakout


Print this articleMason Kosior~ High School Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Mason Kosior for being selected as the 2017 La Porte Educational Development Foundation Scholarship winner!!


Teacher/Counselor Grants:

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead – Lincoln Elementary Maria Amor & Sarah Seymour

Owl Pellet - Boston MS - Ashley Miller !

Hidden and Seek - Kesling MS - Carrie Miller

2nd Kingsbury Robotics Team - Kingsbury Elementary Kim Glenn, Kathy Hommer, Karen Menke

What was the President Project? Boston & Kesling MS Jen Marks

Creating Casting Memories: Student Created Podcasts - LPHS John Doty

Contemporary Literature Literary Circles - LPHS HS - Erica Kanney

Building Blocks for Learning – Kesling MS – Charity Oliver and Ryan Sosinski

Rampaging Robots - Critchfield Elementary – Sara Atkinson & Tracy Hand

One District/One Book - BMS, KMS, LPHS - Rose Sgambelluri

Stem - Technology Club - Hailmann Elementary - Sherry Flodder

Social Studies – Hailmann Elementary – Ashleigh Trumble and Katie Fry


Print this articleCongratulations To Our 2016 Grant Winners!!

Teacher/Counselor Grants:

Bonnie DeWolf and Kris Dodson, Boston Middle School: 8th Grade US History

Connie Kaminski, Crichfield Elementary School: Wild About Learning!

David Farris, Hailmann Elementary School: Culture of Music

Holly Lyles and Ronda Shelton, Riley Elementary School: STEM Activities Through The Year

Lorri Schellinger, Handley Elementary School: Conflict Manager Program/Education

Susan McCoy and Sara Sightes, Kingsford Heights Elementary School: Learning Stations: Fostering Independent Learners

Theresa Holmes, Hailmann Elementary School: STEMing Throughout The Year

Emily Veen, La Porte High School: Improving Literacy Through Reading In Spanish


School-Wide Grants:

Pam Upp and Handley Elementary School Staff and Students:   "Early Literacy Grant: Oral Language Acquisition Program"

Liz Antos and Kingsbury Elementary School Staff and Students:  "Teaming with Technology"

Print this articleLa Porte Education Foundation Grant Winners
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The following teachers were awarded grants from the LPCSC Education Development Foundation. These grants are offered on a yearly basis.

The winners announced May 2014 are:

  • Aaron Gogel – Boston Middle School: IN YOUR SHADOW - Indirect Measurement Outside! $193.95
  • Debra Applegarth – Kingsbury: “Read"y to Write. $200.00
  • Ronda Shelton – Riley: Tools to Support Enthusiastic Readers and Writers. $200.00
  • Becky Sheeler and Lisa Schreiber – Kingsford Heights: Teaching Writing with Six Traits Picture Books. $200.00
  • Melissa Santana and Karen Menke – Indian Trail and Kingsbury: Reading Through The Ages. $242.75
  • Katie Talbert – Crichfield: "Read to Succeed". $250.00
  • Bethany Smith – Boston Middle School: Interactive Digital Learning. $299.95
  • Lori Loucks – Boston Middle School: Owl Pellet Lab. $338.50
  • Susan Sandberg – Hailmann: It's All About M.E. (Mechanical Engineering). $400.00
  • Rebecca Schnitzer – La Porte High School: Habia una Vez, Reading Comprehension and Fluency in the Foreign Language. $400.00
  • Jessica Strychalski – Kingsford Heights: Sensory Garden & Compost. $415.15
  • Leigh Long – La Porte High School: K'Nex DNA Replication and RNA Transcription. $453.22

The winners announced May 2013 are:

  • Susan Sandberg – Hailmann Elementary School: Hailmann University. $437.00 award
  • Barb Hooper – Kesling Middle School: A Right Brain Break in a Left Brain Day. $325.00 award
  • Kristen Doty, Dorcus Green, and Kelly Hardwicke – Riley Elementary School: Non-fiction Leveled Readers. $250.00 award
  • Dana Sass and Lisa Horner – Lincoln Elementary School: Scholastic Scholars. $144.00 award
  • Rita Goers and Jen Cochran – Lincoln Elementary School: Handy, Hands-on Math Enrichment Investigations. $200.00 award
  • Erin Parker – La Porte High School: Kindness Campaign, Reading and Writing for a Greater Purpose. $250.00 award
  • Sara Atkinson – Crichfield Elementary School: Junior Great Books. $447.00 award
  • Sylvia Smith – Boston Middle School: Let's Go Academic Teams! $500.00 award
  • Holly Lyles and Liz Kirk – Riley Elementary School: Today’s Readers Make Tomorrow's Leaders. $200.00 award
  • Janie Ulmer – La Porte High School: We Built this City…on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. $230.00 award from United Way
  • Diane Binkley, Karen Waltz, and Sarah Worthington – Indian Trail: Building the Brain. $500.00 award from Aero Metals

 The winners announced May 2012 are:

  • Kristen Doty and Dorcus Greene – Riley Elementary School: Green Light Readers. $433 award
  • Donna Hale – Lincoln Elementary School: Ooohs and Ahhhs Abound when Weekly Reader’s Around. $158 award
  • Stephanie Kaiser and Sara Rathbun – Riley Elementary School: Informational Weekly Readers. $131 award
  • Barb Cannon and Jill Reed – Riley Elementary School: Reading Informational Text. $137 award
  • Tia McCarty – Kingsbury Elementary School: Kids In Between. $481 award
  • Dana Sass and Lisa Horner – Lincoln Elementary School: Exposing and Exploring Real World Events. $123 award
  • Christine Rosenbaum – La Porte High School: Get the Scope on Reading. $220 award
  • Pam Steck and Ronda Shelton – Riley Elementary School: Phonemic Awareness-A Piece of the Reading Puzzle. $500 award
  • Krista Hay, Nancy Levenhagen, and Michelle Allen – Handley Elementary School: Kindergarten Literacy for Life. $500 award
  • Deb Applegarth, Ann Buhner, and Jessica Young-Brust – Kingsbury Elementary School: Listen to Read. $400 award
  • Diane Binkely and Sarah Worthington – Indian Trail Elementary School: Diving Into The Daily Five. $426 award.

The winners announced May 2011 are:

  • Gregory Alberding - La Porte High School: What Are You Made Of? $500 award
  • Holly Lyles and Liz Kirk - Riley Elementary School: Science Safari - Let's Explore The World Of Science. $500 award
  • Charity Shouse - Kesling Middle School: Embossed Metal Encaustics. $500 award
  • Maria Amor - Lincoln Elementary School: Culinary Skills and Core Standards. $500 award
  • Sharon Nash, Julie Ross, and Lynette Capusan - Crichfield Elementary School: RTI Resource Room Materials. $490 award
  • Pam Steck and Ronda Shelton - Riley Elementary School: Reader's Theater To Promote Fluency. $450 award
  • Tammy Lipscomb and Tanya Roach - Boston Middle School: Boston Books For Kids. $450 award
  • Judie Dermody and John Dearing - Kesling Middle School: Newton's Laws. $300 award
  • Kari Schroder and Tricia Zila - Lincoln Elementary School: Dynamite Differentiation. $150 award
  • Benjamin Anderson, Joann Archambault, and Kay Younggreen - Indian Trail Elementary School: iPad Apps For Achievement. $150 award

 The winners announced May 2010 are:

  • Marcia Aragon, Jen Cochran, Rita Goers, Faryl Smith – Lincoln:  Writer’s Workshop, Writing Our Way to the Top!
  • Marcia Aragon, Faryl Smith – Lincoln:  Bringing AR into the Reading Curriculum
  • Aaron Gogel – Boston Middle School:  A Move in the Right Direction
  • Sara Sightes – Kingsford Heights:  Math Magic-Making Sense with Math Manipulatives
  • Rachelle Pruitt, Tom LaFrance – La Porte High School:  Project Team Building
  • Charity Shouse – Kesling Middle School:  Advertising for Social Change
  • Bonnie DeWolf, William Schramlin, Stacy Glanz, Cori Kiff, Tara Merritt, Aaron Gogel, John Dwyer, Colin Roberts, Sandy Huber – Boston Middle School:  Civil War Interdisciplinary Unit

The winners announced May 2009 are:

  • Lynne Wahlstrom - Crichfield:  Mobi Mobile Interactive Whiteboard
  • Barb Hooper - Kesling Middle School:  Speed Stacking
  • LaPorte High School Business Teachers:  Digitool: IBE Smartpens
  • Elementary School Counselors:  Grief Response Resource Center
  • Christine Rosenbaum - La Porte High School:  "The Wheel of English"
  • Sara Sightes - Kingsford Heights:  "Fun with Fluency, Feeding the Minds of Emergent Readers"
  • Bonnie DeWolf - Boston Middle School:  The Importance of Understanding Money and Economics
  • Intermediate Teachers - Riley Elementary School:  Touchmath, Response to Intervention


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Please consider specifying that your United Way donation be allocated directly to the La Porte Educational Development Foundation by indicating such under the Optional Box at the bottom of the pledge form.

Print this articleAlex Nunn ~ High School Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to Alex Nunn for being selected as the 2016 La Porte Educational Development Foundation Scholarship winner!!

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UrgentPrint this articleEducation License Plates
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Support our children with an education license plate!

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles offers a specialized education plate that benefits LaPorte Education Development Foundation. Your $40.00 contribution shows your personal commitment to education; $18.75 goes directly to the school corporation or the public educations foundation of your choice, $6.25 goes to the Indiana School Counselor Association, and $15 covers plate administrative costs.

To Purchase Your Garfield Plate:

  1. Click here to complete and print the Garfield Education License Plate form. Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free at is required to view and print the file
  2. Present the form to the clerk at the license branch when renewing or purchasing new license plates

You can also order on-line at Make sure to specify the LaPorte Community School Corporation identification number (4945) when placing your order whether ordering online or in person.

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