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Family & Consumer Science Department - Class Information

Child Development

Students will study human sexuality and male and female physiology in preparation for decisions about parenting. Students discover information about prenatal development, birth defects, and the birth process. Students will study the health and safety needs of children. Students observe and participate with preschool children while learning how preschoolers learn, grow and behave. This course is suggested for students interested in preparing for parenting or working in a field in which they will work with children.

1 Trimester

Advanced Child Development

Students will participate with the children in the preschool and learn how to plan a lesson. They will also continue to complete observations of children. Students will independently continue the study of young children in order to better understand their growth and development. The course is suggested for elementary and preschool teacher preparation.

1 Trimester

Prerequisite: Minimum passing grade in Child Development

Nutrition and Wellness

Advanced Nutrition and Wellness

This course is designed for students who desire a basic knowledge of nutrition and food preparation. Basic skills such as measuring, cooking terms, and the use of equipment are taught. Students will study specific groups of foods and will have laboratory work using those foods.

2 Trimesters

Education Professions 1

Education Professions prepares students for employment in teaching and other education-related careers. This course includes classroom work and intensive laboratory or field experience in one or more elementary or middle school classrooms. This course is recommended for students interested in the Education and Training career path of the LPHS School of Human and Social Services. Students must provide their own transportation to the building where they are assigned for the laboratory portion.


2 Trimester

Two hour block; potentially for Dual Credit


Introduction to Fashion & Textiles,

Advanced Fashion & Textiles

Fashion and Textiles 1 and 2 focuses on patterns and fabric selection. Many basic skills taught are necessary for any clothing construction project. Many of the areas taught are on-going during the semesters. For example, one week may be devoted to learning how fabrics are made, and learning how to pin a pattern on the fabric. These learning situations are applied to each garment constructed during the course. Fashion and Textiles 1 students make an apron, pajama pants and a patchwork project. Fashion and Textiles 2 students make a skirt or simple dress and purse or bag. *Student is required to purchase fabric for student/personal project.

2 Trimesters

Preparing for College and Careers


This course is designed to emphasize how hard work, planning, and education will help you achieve your life goals. Job hunting skills you will learn include how to obtain a work permit, complete a job application, and prepare for a job interview. During the career unit, you will assess your lifestyle goals, values, skills, interests and personality type. You will then select a career that you are suited for, research how much training is needed, where you can receive it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. You will develop a 4-year high school plan that includes recommended courses for careers that interest you.


1 Trimester

Interpersonal Relationships

This course is designed to help students develop the skills necessary for establishing and maintaining healthy relationships at home, school, work, and in the community. Topics include friendship, dating and emotions, family relationships, communication skills, coping with stress, conflict resolution, and developing leadership skills.

1 Trimester

Introduction to Housing and Interior Design

This project-based course will help students select and plan living environments to meet the needs and wants of individuals and families. Students will learn basic design skills. Topics to be studied include: Elements and principles of design, color, furniture styles, appliances, floor, wall, and window treatments; floor plans and elevations, decorating, architectural styles, and exploration of housing-related careers. Students will complete a major design or make-over project.

1 Trimester


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