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Life Science

Class Prerequisite Description 
Biology I- A, B No Prerequisite Biology I is a two-semester course that provides, through regular laboratory and field investigations, a study of the structures and functions of living organisms and their interactions with the environment. At a minimum, this study explores the functions and processes of cells, tissues, organs, and systems within various species of living organisms and the roles and interdependencies of organisms within populations, communities, ecosystems, and the biosphere. In Biology A, the scientific method, ecology, and cellular structure and function, will be the major areas of attention.  Biology B is designed to give students a basic understanding of genetics and evolution. Students have opportunities to: (1) gain an understanding of the history of the development of biological knowledge, (2) explore the uses of biology in various careers, and (3) cope with biological questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues. 
Physiology/ Advanced Science Special Topics 1, 2 Prior year prerequisite
 2 trimesters Biology
with a B or teacher approved
Physiology is the advanced study of the underlying scientific principles of human structure and function.  There is laboratory work including the dissection of various body structures and organs. The culminating laboratory activity is the dissection of the fetal pig.  Physiology is of particular value to students who wish to pursue careers in Biology, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Medical Technology, Psychology, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine.
Genetics/Advanced Science Special Topics Prior year prerequisite

 2 trimesters Biology
with a C or above

Genetics is a course that provides for the in-depth investigation of developments in the field of genetics. Genetic engineering, inheritance patterns, birth defects, and genetic screening will be major areas of attention. Lab work includes chromosome isolation, DNA extraction, electrophoresis and genetic transformation.  This course will be particular interest of students with ambitions toward medical/health careers.
Environmental Science, Advanced 1, 2 2 Trimesters
Prerequisite: 4
credits of AHD
science course
work, including
Biology, with a C
 or above
Environmental Science, Advanced, is interdisciplinary by nature integrating biology, earth science, chemistry, and others disciplines. This course is designed to challenge students through an in-depth scientific study of ecosystems, population dynamics, resource management, and environmental consequences of natural and anthropogenic processes. Students will formulate, design, and carry out laboratory and field investigations as an essential course component. Ultimately, the goal of this course is to provide students with essential tools for understanding the complexities of environmental systems.
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