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Physical Science

Class Prerequisite Description
Chemistry I- 1,2 Prior year prerequisite: 2 semesters Algebra First year Chemistry is a course that allows students to synthesize useful models of the structure of matter, and the mechanisms of its interactions through laboratory investigations of matter and its chemical reactions.  Laboratories will be done to emphasize and enhance topics learned in the classroom.  Chemistry 1 topics include the study of the atom, the periodic table, stoichiometry, and chemical reactions.  Chemistry 2 covers the areas or branches of chemistry including acid-base chemistry, oxidation-reduction chemistry, thermochemistry, and solution chemistry.  Students have opportunities to : (1) gain an understanding of the history of chemistry, (2) explore the uses of chemistry in various careers, (3) cope with chemical questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues, and (4) learn and practice laboratory safety.
Chemistry II- 1,2 Prior year prerequisite: Chemistry 1

AP Oriented

Chemistry II is an elective course the provides for extended laboratory and literature investigations of the chemical reactions of matter in living and nonliving materials.  It is designed to help students meet one primary goal- preparation for college chemistry. Specifically, this course will cover material encountered in the first semester of college chemistry including chemical thermodynamics, molecular geometry and bonding theories, intermolecular forces, liquids, solids, gases, electrochemistry, and acid-base equilibria.  Topics from first- year chemistry are reinforced, and studied in greater depth.  This course also stresses the unifying themes of chemistry, the development of physical and mathematical models of matter and its interactions, and the methods of scientific inquiry. Special emphasis is placed on laboratory work.  Additionally, the course can help students prepare for the Advanced Placement test in chemistry. However, Advanced Chemistry will not cover all concepts found on the AP test, and independent study outside the scope of this course is strongly recommended to successful complete the test.
Physics I- 1,2 Prior year prerequisite: 2 semesters Algebra Physics I is a course that aids students in synthesizing the fundamental concepts and principles concerning matter and energy through the laboratory study of mechanics, wave motion, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism, and atomic and nuclear physics.  Student have opportunities to: (1) acquire an awareness of the history of physics and its role in the birth of technology, (2) explore the uses of its models, theories, and laws in various careers, and (3) cope with physics questions and problems related to personal needs and social issues. This is a survey course to the college-bound student.
Physics II- 1,2 Prerequisite: Prior year Physics and Concurrent or Completed Precalculus Physics Ii is an advanced course that provides opportunities for extended laboratory and literature investigations of physical phenomena and the synthesis of these phenomena into theoretical models, which are useful in understand the interacting systems of the macro and microcosms.  It will provide for the in-depth study of Newtonian mechanics, electromagnetism, and modern physics. This course is trigonometric and algebra based with some emphasis on calculus, and is recommended for college-bound science and engineering students.  Students will carry on an individualized, extended, laboratory investigation of a selected topic.
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