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Partnerships - American Licorice

Former superintendent Dr. Judith DeMuth (left) and
Mrs. Mary McDermott, Board of School Trustees
President (far right) accept a $25,000 check
from American Licorice representatives Pat
Waldo, Manufacturing Services Manager, and
Mark Cash, Director of Operations.  The funds
will be used to expand the corporation’s
WorkEthic program to include all students
in grades 1-12.

American Licorice Donation Expands WorkEthic Program

La Porte Community School Corporation is pleased to partner with American Licorice to expand their WorkEthic program to the elementary and middle schools during the 2007-2008 school year.

The WorkEthic program is designed to:

  • Provide a recognized credentialing system to measure workforce readiness skills
  • Reinforce the value of positive work ethics and a commitment to successful employment
  • Develop non-technical skills of La Porte High School students so they may be more competitive
  • Improve soft skills of our workforce

The LPCSC Board of School Trustees was instrumental in establishing the program for students in grades eleven and twelve at our high school for the 2006-2007 school year with the assistance of The Center for Workforce Innovations.  The Center of Workforce Innovations was selected by Indiana Workforce Development to pilot this program for students from 11 high schools which included La Porte High School.

In addition, LPCSC has been working closely with the La Porte Chamber of Commerce and local employers to promote the understanding and value of the receipt of this certificate by our students and to clearly express to perspective employers that our graduates have the credentials to enter the workplace possessing strong work habits that will foster success in both higher education and immediate employment after high school graduation.

The steps for development and the lessons that will be learned by students include:

  • Participation among students will be left to the discretion of our schools. 
  • Students will declare their intention to participate by signing a Letter of Intent. 
  • Participants who meet the established criteria will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the end of the school year. 
  • The WorkEthic certificate will be awarded to each successful student.
Employers and educations have worked together to establish ten standards to determine eligibility for the WorkEthic certificate.  The general standards are Discipline, Attendance, Absence, Tardy, Community Service, and Overall Grade Point Average.  Four additional standards require a teacher’s signature to serve as evidence that the student displays the following qualities on a consistent basis: Organizational, Punctuality, Respectfulness, and Group Cooperation.  One of the fundamental goals of the State of Indiana, La Porte Community School Corporation, and The Center for Workforce Innovations is to produce an emerging workforce that is prepared to face the challenges of a global marketplace.