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PNC College Bound Students Attend Mini Camp and Enjoy First Annual Barbecue

On August 1 and 2, 2007 over 70 incoming 8th and 9th graders from the La Porte Community School Corporation PNC College Bound program attended a mini camp on the campus of Purdue North Central in Westville.

Each day began with a welcome by Dr. James Dworkin, Purdue North Central Chancellor.

Mr. Tom Dermody, State Representative, spoke to the group about how our state legislation works and that students can and do make a difference at all levels of government.  He also spoke about volunteerism and citizenship.  Mr. Dermody also challenged the students to get involved instead of sitting back and complaining about what’s wrong within their community and provided ideas on how to get involved to make a difference!

Ms. Airen Harris and Ms. Angelique Sweegart from P.A.T.H. (Positive Approach to Teen Health) presented a program on abstinence that was well received by students and parents alike.

Ms. Tammy Stump from the Center of Workforce Innovations spoke to the group about work ethics and how they apply to school.  Students received work ethic posters and booklets about finding and keeping your first job.

Mr. Brad Boughner from Wells Fargo Bank, a financial contributor to the La Porte PNC College Bound program, spoke on financial responsibility and told the students that they are not too young to begin thinking about it.  Mr. Boughner presented the different types of savings plans and stressed the need for “good credit right out of the starting blocks”.  A new Wells Fargo service was also presented; check-less checking accounts for students under the age of 18.

On August 16, 2007 the first annual PNC College Bound Barbecue was held at La Porte High School.  Students and their parents enjoyed food and beverages while they listened to a short presentation about the upcoming year’s events.

Former LaPorte Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Judith DeMuth and Dr. Jeff Jones, PNC Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, shared comments on the success of this program and the importance of the students continuing through their high school years to reap the benefits of a free tuition paid college education at PNC.

Successful Beginning for PNC College Bound Program

PNC Chancellor Dr. James Dworkin
PNC Chancellor Dr. James Dworkin
addresses the students during the
Kick Off Celebration

“College bound” for generations has meant the promise of a higher education for high school graduates, often those whose parents could afford it or those whose grades could guarantee it.  Now it takes on a whole new meaning due to Purdue North Central’s College Bound program.  Many students who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to attend college now have a good chance.  Are there “strings attached”?  Yes, one big one: commitment! And LaPorte Community School Corporation is committed to helping 40 of their middle school students through the program’s process.

Participating Students
Participating Students

In January of 2006, LaPorte Community School Corporation was invited to participate in the PNC program that gives economically challenged, first-generation college students a full-tuition scholarship upon graduating from high school and being accepted to PNC.  Michigan City’s program began last year with 30 students, 27 of whom are continuing on with the program.  They currently have 22 new students enrolled.  LaPorte originally welcomed 26 students to the program and was able to increase its participation to include 40 students.   To help students stay on track for college, the program boasts numerous field trips, mentoring, after-school activities, summer camps, and lots of time getting to know the PNC campus.  Upon high school graduation and acceptance to PNC, they will receive a full-tuition scholarship to the university.

Participants from both school districts were selected from their respective middle school based on passing ISTEP+ scores, qualifying for free or reduced lunch, the students’ agreement  to  maintain at  least  a “C” average, and  participation  in the program until they graduate from high school.  Upon high school graduation and acceptance to PNC, they will receive a full-tuition scholarship to the university.

Purdue University North Central in Westville, Indiana hosted a kickoff celebration for their PNC College Bound Program students and parents from LaPorte and Michigan City schools on Friday, September 8th, 2006.  This is Michigan City’s second year of helping future first-generation college students learn to focus in on an undergraduate degree, but it is the first for LaPorte.  More than 45 eighth-grade students were in attendance with their families and nervously accepted the challenge to work toward a college education at Purdue North Central. Parents were very encouraged and pleased with the information presented about the College Bound program and the opportunities available.