1000 Harrison St, La Porte, IN 46350
Phone: (219) 324-3287
Fax: (219) 326-7611
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About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to identify students in need of services who meet the federal and state guidelines for special education. We will provide services that empower them to become active members of society based on their individual strengths and abilities. We are committed to providing a caring community of dedicated staff and involved parents that meets the diverse academic, emotional, and social needs of all of our students in a respectful and positive environment.

We need to provide positive learning experiences that facilitate success for students in special education. We will provide high-quality instruction, as well as collaboration with parents, students, schools, and the community. We will help students focus on their positive attributes and recognize their individual strengths and achievements to promote their future success.


It is our vision for South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative to provide an educational climate where diversity and individuality is celebrated and respected; and where all people accept and meet the challenge of enhancing learning of all students.

Community and Diversity

The South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative values and respects differences, embracing and celebrating individuality, which enriches all members of the community. Our cooperative serves 5 districts within LaPorte County: LaPorte Schools, New Prairie, South Central, Westville, and Tri-Township (Wanatah and LaCrosse).



Our cooperative makes a commitment to the education of all students within each district. We maintain exemplary educational programs and services designed to meet the needs of the wide range of students with disabilities within our community.

Learning and Equity

All students are educated in the Least Restrictive Environment.Diverse learning needs are accommodated using differentiated curriculums as the focus of instruction. The district develops models of service delivery to meet the needs of students achieving equity for children with disabilities. They participate to the fullest extent possible in their respective school communities.


Parent/Guardian Involvement

Parents are well informed and respected as full partners in the education of their children. Parents are aware of their school and district resources. Each parent has a voice in the collaborative partnership within a caring school community.